Monday, December 29, 2003

my favorite new sticker that i swiped from my dad's vet clinic while at home: may cause drowsiness -- third eyelid may appear.

ok i'm back in c-u now, it's not really that cold either. usually when i get back from break, i come back to find that the town has been hit by the famous "freeze the city" plot device used on general hospital at some point in the 80s when laura was taken captive by some zillionaire who apparently had nothing better to do with his money that create a machine to freeze some stupid soap opera town. but it totally makes sense that he'd use it on this town because of, you know, the scenery. i mean it really is in the running for "best portrayal of a post-apcolytic town in a dark comedy" at this year's oscars. look it up in your almanacs kids! and tell homeland security that i said "hi."
the contest is over, the winners have been notified. the name of the secret restaurant was la cote d'or. i recommend the raspberries in caramel sauce.

Monday, December 15, 2003

haha...ok, i'm not done with googlism quite yet. this may be better than any career counseling are some things that i could be:
  • michelle is featured on mtv's "house of style"
  • michelle is a highly underrated comic actress
  • michelle is a writer
  • michelle is now a member of the research staff at xerox parc
  • michelle is really helping us modernize the bond films
  • michelle is already a legend
  • michelle is a codehead
  • michelle is a real estate agent that is known in the community of york for their dedicated client service
  • michelle is devoted to the issues of protecting our country
  • michelle is a very outgoing girl and she loves meeting and playing with other children
  • michelle is the winner of more gold medals than any other female figure skater in the usa and in the world
  • michelle is sustaining electrical engineering designs for the international space station
  • michelle is busy orchestrating eye screenings in illinois and teaching dance to her students at the academy of dance arts
  • michelle is a loving mother and beautiful wife
  • michelle is the managing editor of the australian astronomy research journal
  • michelle is well known for her role in the bbc tv series eastenders
  • michelle is in fact a welsh sheep farmer who drives a lorry
  • michelle is the winner of seven world championship titles
  • michelle is involved with numerous community volunteer efforts
  • michelle is the regional account manager responsible for sales in scotland
  • michelle is a graphic artist who likes bands like scratch acid
  • michelle is an entrepreneur who has created and operated several successful business ventures
  • michelle is a gifted communicator who has the ability to entertain young people as she ministers through song
  • michelle is gaining strength and becoming more dangerous
ok...i'm semi back now. only i have pneumonia. nice flu follow up. so i've been sleeping lots, dreading xmas, messing around with pinhole cameras, sleeping, experiencing psychotic delusions, forgetting things, sleeping. so basically i have nothing much to report other than to advise you against getting this year's flu -- best to stick with last year's, best to stick with the classics.

ok, so a long time ago i ran my name on googlism and got some fun answers, including the knowledge that i'm offered in several formats. well, i was seeing what everyone in my blog/lj circle has been up to since i fell off the face of the earth last week and citizen kafka had a post about fun things to do with google and so after browsing around a bit at his other suggested google adventures, i headed to googlism again. this time i ran just my last name...damn it's good to share a weird-ass last name with a televangelist. check out some of my favs:
  • hinn is a false prophet
  • hinn is raking it in (right...)
  • hinn is a typical tv evangelist
  • hinn is evidence that there is no god
  • hinn is an american neo
  • hinn is claiming a physical appearance
  • hinn is either truly crazy or downright evil
  • hinn is a spiritual superstar
  • hinn is the poster child for horrendous theology
  • hinn is a circus freak
of course then there are these: "hinn is not as easy as you might think" and "hinn is concentrating on young teenagers now"...

Tuesday, December 09, 2003

cool. almost time for my nyquil nightcap. at times like these, i've come to appreciate the complete deadening of my taste buds thanks to this fucking flu. it's been one of those days where i've been barely able to stay awake all day and every once and a while i sit straight up, panicked and disoriented, and i have no friggin' clue what day it is. i mean my fingertips even hurt...that's ridiculous. conversation sample from tonight's phone call from my dad:me: dad, i'm dying from the flu.
dad: you don't have the flu...
me: no really i have the flu.
dad: the flu is just a big conspiracy. there's no such thing as the flu.
me: ok talk to you later.
p.s. dc people: i'll be in town from dec 19 - dec 29.

Monday, December 08, 2003

oh my god...i'm dying from the flu. what the hell?!? i'm fine one second and then *bam* out for the count. will i make it into work tomorrow???

Monday, December 01, 2003

what the hell did we talk about all the damn time at the bk on turner street in the burg, near the rehearsal hall...when we were supposed to be studying but clearly we were not. it was where to make the scene when we were supposed to be in some non-major class but didn't feel much like going, when we were supposed to be some place that didn't have free drink refills. and you and i, we made the scene but then would leave when it got run over because we had better places to be. and we'd drive around and around the drillfield as if we were kids cruising up and down the same one block street in some small town on some friday night. and it was always night in those days and you asked me to marry you and i said yes and we screamed out the window, we'd scream out the window at the war memorial chapel and announce that we were getting married just to see who would cheer, jeer. and then we'd burst out laughing and i'd say, very faux seriously, you know you're gay, right man? and you always said yes but that you'd still marry me in a second just to make sure that i never felt that pain again, the sting that the slap would leave. and i always cried at that part. i always cry at that part.

world aids day.
hi marvin.
1969 - 2002

Friday, November 28, 2003

ugh...36ish hour boil water order here and it's friggin' freezing and my power keeps threatening to go out and my throat really hurts from screaming into that mic last night for a few hours and, oh well, thanksgiving only comes around once a year, right?

Wednesday, November 26, 2003

ok, now that i've gotten this nano thing to a point where i'm gonna put it away for a while, we now return to dissertation whining already in progress...


whew. i feel much better now.
i'm a WINNER!!!!!!!!!

NaNoWriMo 2003 Winner

Tuesday, November 25, 2003

so i just got a copy of the LAST (yes, sadly they are no more) carissa's wierd [sic] cd, scrapbook, from sonic boom in seattle (thanks internet!) and on it jen, in full sadstyle mode, covers "asleep" by the smiths and i think, damn, no wonder we are all depressed after growing up at a time when the only music worth listening to at the time had lyrics like this:

sing me to sleep
sing me to sleep
i'm tired and i
i want to go to bed
sing me to sleep
sing me to sleep
and then leave me alone
don't try to wake me in the morning
'cause i will be gone
don't feel bad for me
i want you to know
deep in the cell of my heart
i will feel so glad to go
sing me to sleep
sing me to sleep
i don't want to wake up
on my own anymore

anyone else breaking through their sanitized memories? remembering being curled up in the fetal position on the floor of your room, listening to the cure, the smiths, etc, wondering how come these guys all got it when no one around you in real life did?
oh my know, cramp meds and ebay do not mix...or maybe i mean that they mix too well...or something. anyway, i remembered the doctor telling me to avoid driving, lalala, the usual shit. but...but...but...he also said to avoid making snap judgments. what he should have said was "avoid going on ebay but if you must go on ebay do NOT use the 'buy it now' option under ANY circumstances while taking this medication." christ.
harlan needs a blog...harlan needs a blog...thx for letting me know that my comments thingee wasn't updating it's number count...i need to explore some better or at least other options for that since it's been annoyingly not working the majority of the time.

Monday, November 24, 2003

ooooooohhhh....i just remembered that i forgot tonight's local nanowritein at e's. shit. and i have a hell of a ways to go still. eep.

Sunday, November 23, 2003

here i am. thanksgiving break. wasn't i here last year too? oh yeah...there was something about oversleeping and missing an early flight. well, whatever. this year i just decided to stay here, have a pot-luck style dinner on thursday with some others remaining here for the thanksgiving travel this year, no having thanksgiving dinner at a restaurant (was that last year too?). i'm half tempted to stay here over xmas break too...i don't know yet. depends. on what? i don't know yet.

Friday, November 14, 2003

so most of you know that i've been an avid lomographer for the past two years. anyway, no matter how many rolls of film i develop i will never get over some of the strange and happy accidents that occur when you, well, lomo. i swear to god that in one of my lastest rolls, i have photographic evidence of the supernatural. either that or the quad really was on fire when i took that picture...

nano, meanwhile, is completely frustrating me. i mean my word count is fine and all but it's making feel more and more nauseous each day. i tend to cut too close to the truth for my own sanity...

Tuesday, November 11, 2003

"what? can you only drink in a convent?" and that had me almost in hysterics, only this time from laughter instead of the anxiety-ridden hysteria i had been in the whole session.

so i'm going back to london, with a possible/probably side trip to prague in february. yeah, fucking february. with any luck i'll be in vienna for chi in april. i mean, fuck. yeah, it was impulsive, the whole london thing, but for fuck's sake...why the hell not? and the doctor said the other day that it was the first real sign of my true self returning after all this time. so it's an apa sanctioned trip. rock on.

hey julie wherever you are.

Friday, November 07, 2003

it's hard sometimes, you know? to trust again? i mean in so many ways this last relationship was based on so many lies that it seems like i just dreamt the whole thing's funny that i have nothing at all to say to you, that i have no interest at all in "catching up," or being friends. and how quickly that happened.

thank god i got my hair cut when i did.

Tuesday, November 04, 2003

h.f.g. it's november. i feel like i could throw up at any minute now. nanowrimo is making me completely ill and yet i can't seem to be able to fucking stop the car.

Thursday, October 30, 2003

ok before i post an actual are the latest new searches that have led people to my blog!
  • i survived dating hell and all i got was this stupid t-shirt
  • comic book character death
  • i want to play game about heaven and hell
  • "pro club" gay redmond
you know...i've been to dating hell many times but i've never emerged with a t-shirt to celebrate the occasion. now you've heard me bitch and moan about *yawn* hearing the same old breakup lines but you time? i want a t-shirt. hand me a t-shirt with "it wasn't me, it was him" on it and then that'll be that.

Monday, October 27, 2003

new! i'm a nielson family for the next week, starting thursday. if you thought tv was fucked up now...even my tivo can't figure me out.

Thursday, October 23, 2003

whimper, not a bang. i saw you for you today, i saw the edges of your mask and i nearly felt sorry for you because you can't see it...not yet...and maybe not ever. maybe the illusion will never shatter for you and maybe it doesn't matter. to have and to be...fromm's words illuminated for me by your spectacular light show...smoke, seem...but you are not.
hahahaha. today's search engine result winner? "want to fuck in akron ohio." um, ok. i mean it's pretty damn funny what people put in search engines anyway but the fact that my blog came up with that and other fun filled search queries is pretty fucking hilarious.

Monday, October 20, 2003

yeah, i'm on a little bit of a manic high right now...but you're not super surprised are you? so i'm working on the designs for my journal quilt and i think it's coming along pretty well. i sew the first part of one of the "pages" on wednesday with a piece of my hand-dyed (yes, i dyed it myself) fabric. actually it's the back of one of the pages that i'll be sewing. it's likely that this thing will end up being super offensive but so be it.

Saturday, October 18, 2003

i know that things eventually must change, that after a while we no longer can live in our comfort zones, that we can no longer count on our comfort zones even existing anymore. i wonder how close to danger i walk as i try to find something stable, someone stable. can safety exist with freedom? how much must we compromise to find "safe?"

i'm that the mask has fully come off and your beautiful lie has completely fallen apart. and i think that it must have been so tiring for you, no wonder you needed a must have been exhausted. i guess once i saw the walls start to crumble, the foundation sinking into the was better for you to run and protect your creation than to let me see what was really you...maybe i'd come too dangerously close to figuring it all out...but, dear, i have figured it out.

i loved the you that was before i said that i loved you., crying on the tube, at the cinema at that tragic sense of life portrayed in so many heartbreaking ways and you said it was only a book, only a movie...and yet...

and yet.

Thursday, October 16, 2003

hahahaha...only your hairdresser knows for sure...but nothing keeps them from telling.

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

ok, remember the play? the one that was banned, the one that was too controversial? well it's being a quilt!?!
yeah, so what? i've been cranky lately, a little "sylvia plath" lately.

Tuesday, October 14, 2003 many years ago now it hurts to think about...back when i still believed that if you waited long enough, if you waited until some mystical force in the universe brought you back together...that all would be well, all would be magical...someone tells me today that i shouldn't give up on you, that i should be optimistic, that you'll come back to me. and i wonder why the fuck people say things like that? i've already been there...and it's not the city you think it is...

Monday, October 13, 2003

sign that we are no longer children. remember those cash register style savings banks that we had when we were kids? well, today they are in the form ATM machine, with ATM card and everything. jesus fucking christ.
latest searches that found this page:
  • what the hell was i thinking blogspot
  • no cd crack heaven & hell
  • all your base are belong to us champaign illinois
  • heaven and hell on tuesday night
  • 24 hour pharmacy virginia walgreens
i'm not sure why i advertise these searches but, hey, i think it's kinda funny and who the fuck cares if you don't.

anyway i miss you but i think it's more that i just missing having love in my life again even if just for a short while, even if you didn't think of it as that...because i have nothing in particular that i want to say to you and there's nothing in particular that i miss right now...i especially don't miss how those last few weeks you made me feel less than you, less important than everything, anything else in your life, less important than getting your cable switched on...and maybe i'm being harsh, maybe i'm being mean, maybe i'm being angry right now...but maybe..."baby," "dear," "sweetheart"...i am angry...i am fucking pissed off at you...

Wednesday, October 08, 2003

eyes blurry and tired from nights spent awake...awake but safe from sanity slipping down any further...and i dream of my portfolio...and i dream of nyc, chicago, seattle, everywhere but here...but here i must stay until what i've started is finished and then, once again, i can move from here to there...a different here, a different there, all merge into one after a while and i remembered how you started to say that relationships take two people...and i said shut up...please don't tell me anymore...i don't need to hear that line again.

Sunday, October 05, 2003

Saturday, October 04, 2003

click. you had dyed your hair red...not fire engine red but eric stolz red...and it was longer and you were wearing some ridiculous cowboy hat and walking around downtown and i came over from across the street, although i'm not sure from where office probably, space ship maybe...and i said that we needed to talk and in one version i'm telling you all the things i should have said to everyone my whole life but in another version the scene just fades to black. whirl.

click. we have enough ____ to put akron, ohio to ____. yeah? well, i'm not akron, ohio. you're right. we need more. whirl.




Wednesday, October 01, 2003

holy. fucking. god. it's. october.

since i turn a year older later this week, i have a life tip based on my years of accumulated wisdom to offer all of you: when embossing something with a heat gun, do not place it on the carpet unless you like your floor well done.

Monday, September 29, 2003

fuck you, you confuse me when we talk the way we used to talk before you ran away from me, panicked and scared and you're sweet and nice and wouldn't harm a fly and you say that you don't have it in you to be mean but i think you don't know, you just don't know and you say we should do this again soon, that you know tomorrow i'm busy but maybe...and i interrupt you because i don't want to count on you, i don't want to depend on you, i don't want to expect...expect anything, hope for anything...and my head is mixed up...and i wonder when the last time i took that pill was because i can't remember anything from before we met downtown...and i hate that all my anger, all my anger at you just seems to disappear when you are nice to me and i wonder where that came from, where that comes from...a black dog, waiting...sometimes i think i would starve to death patiently waiting for you to come back...only i'm not sure who "you" is sometimes...are you a loop, a pattern...or do you really exist?
this search, done in arabic, is the latest in strange queries that have found this blog:
  • michelle - loving you is heaven, missing you is hell
right...i'm believing that.

so's a few hours into monday and i'm wide awake...and i have to remember to get my key back because it really doesn't do any good where it is now...

Tuesday, September 23, 2003

besides the search query "scariest places in the universe" that, for some reason, pulls up my blog...i have three different heaven and hell searches in my blog stats:
  • pictures of what heaven and hell will look like and feel
  • heaven and hell ball game
  • heaven and hell mystery play
so ok now that i've gotten that out of the way...tomorrow i leave for vegas until saturday so don't look for me until then.

Monday, September 22, 2003

Sunday, September 21, 2003

it's been over a week since i've heard your voice and even though we've sort of talked via IM, i'm still not sure how i feel about this whole thing or what's going to happen or if everything is just fading and i am once again invisible...but then...maybe it is just west nile fever. or maybe mono if you want to go old school.

Tuesday, September 16, 2003

mid-september and it looks like the weather may soon start to drop down to fall temperatures and i miss how comforting and crisp and exciting the fall was when i lived in virginia, brilliantly colored leaves and the smell of apple cider and hot chocolate that we'd go get at the 7-eleven after band practice, all stuffed in my car...that terrible maroon car that would stall out at most of the lights on route one where the only way to restart it was to slam the back left door and the trunk at the same time and, no, i cannot recall how we discovered that combo or if it really was legit fix or just some voodoo magic that we all believed in so that my car would make it across the highway to where shaconna lived...but in all my years in the midwest, i've never again been able to find the beautiful harvest and i think that it must be somewhere out here...and i think that maybe i should take a drive in early october and try to find it...that's what i want for my see the fall again.

Sunday, September 14, 2003

my knee touching yours and all i could do was stare at the ground, my hands...what to do with my hands...and i feel like it was almost like i was washing them off, trying to rid myself of something...cleansing the anger, the sorrow, the wanting to slap you so hard across your face, scream at you...but to what end? and instead i just sat there for a while, staring out the window at the low, flat rooftops of downtown, at the tornado sirens, the towers...all those towers downtown and i remembered the woman who was ready to jump last spring and i wondered what it takes to make that kind of decision...and finally i just said that i guessed that there wasn't much left to do now, that i should leave...and you said that it wasn't over, it wasn't over, it wasn't over...

Thursday, September 11, 2003

all damn day i've had this feeling of "seattle" and i couldn't figure out why and then it dawned on me, oh...9/11...that's where i was...and it seems like it was much longer than two years was really only two years ago?
so for some reason i decided to get up from my desk and wander up sixth street where i learned that all the local businesses are supporting software theft by no longer offering software for sale but none of that really matters right now because i'm back at my desk, where i'm burning up from fever and i just ran into cece at depresso where the two of us had an incoherent conversation, the kind that only sick people can have and it doesn't seem insane and some guy is listening in to our conversation and decides that it's cool to comment on my last statement about "well, the server at work crashed and i have to redo the last few weeks of work but i don't really care because it's not my work and they won't let me work from home so what do i care what i do to fill up the time" and so the guy turns to me and said "yeah, but it's somebody's work that was lost, don't you care" and i'm, like, thanks for your feedback, go away now.

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Tuesday, September 09, 2003

past midnight and i'm already thinking that tomorrow's a hooky day from work and i just can't stand to be awake or asleep right now and maybe it would be good if i just went away for a few days only where would i go anyway, could i just show up on someone's, anyone's doorstep and say please let me cry here for a few days, please let me cry and hold me until it's over and let me tell you about what happened that night at the er...that awful, lonely night, sitting there in the waiting room with a stupid tupperware container with a dark green lid that i saw again today when i was cleaning out my car so that there was enough room to help you move nothing apparently and i wondered, briefly, if i should bring it in and wash it and i decided that that was pretty much the last thing that i wanted to do so i put it in the trash bag with the mounds of parking tickets, aborted thesis proposals, old coffee cups, and faded gas station receipts...and i figured that i might as well throw it away too and i know that if i ever told you about that night as it happened versus in vague and hazy details that you wouldn't be able to handle it and who the hell said that men were the stronger sex anyway because how can that be true?
yeah, yeah...holy fucking god, it's september. and some days into it even.

the latest weird searches that have found my blog according to my web stats:
  • fucking in my shop salesgirl
  • bum bum ba da bum bum...what a bum bum
  • i hope you cry when you get home (ok, that was an easy's a direct quote from cw lyrics)
  • honorary reo speedwagon way
  • blacksburg scrapbook stores

Wednesday, September 03, 2003

it's 1am and i have an early morning meeting with my advisor and i'm pretty much fucked aren't i? i had good intentions...really i did. but it's this time of the night where i start to think...hmm...what if i stayed up all night and just wrote? could i get something done in the next seven hours? or should i just try again at jet-lagged boyfriend out since seems like a cruel punishment to crawl into bed next to him and wake him with my fitful, anxious sleep-mimicking state.

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

today's email of the day pertaining to my graduate assistantship, which requires me to answer stupid tech support emails all damn day:
i wish you had better mac support! windows is a terrible operating system. i always use mac, which is true of nearly everyone in engineering.dear professor idiot, ask me if i care. drop dead. love, tech support

Friday, August 22, 2003

sweet cornfest time but i'm not sure i'll go this year. maybe. could be a good lomography opportunity midwest-style but i think it'll depend on how hot it is tomorrow. and how i'm feeling. i'm really pretty pissed off right now because my assistantship got all fucked up and now i'm doing something totally different and totally suxor, i've lost my office, and...sigh...i'm sick of this shit. i know. this will inspire me to get the fuck out of here. but if you are thinking this, then you don't know what it's like to be at this stage of the dissertation where things like this are just brain drains...and you can't afford to lose any brain power right now. although i did know a guy once who went straight to rehab after he defended because somehow he wrote his dissertation on heroin. and i'm not quite sure what the take away message is on that.

anyway...have you been following this scrapbooking thing? so there are a gazillion stores opening up, a gazillion magazines, books, shows...all about making fucking photo albums. ok, so the pages are usually super complex and some are 3d, some have rivets and ribbons...but there's so much god damn shit on each page and like maybe three pictures and the total spent on buying all this garbage for each page is probably $50 a page...and there is hardly ANY writing on any of the pages...and i'm wondering if we really are some kind of post-literate society and, yes, i did take tylenol migraine so i'm hopped up on caffeine but for fuck's sake who the fuck cares about all this shit. but people do...and damn do they...i was writing in my journal at the original pancake house the other day and so lady asks me "oh, do you scrapbook?" and i say "no, i'm more of a writer but i do put pictures and ticket stubs and such in my journals." so she's like "oh it'll look so much more professional if you scrapbooked but that at least you're doing something." but i'm thinking...uh...yeah but won't it be a lot more interesting and memorable if i left something for people to READ? i mean for fuck's sake...i don't have time for that shit. but maybe it's the newest thing for stay-at-home moms who have lost their minds.

Friday, August 15, 2003

oh harlan...jesse and i were just wondering what time it was that you arrived in nyc...

Sunday, August 10, 2003 i forgot this tidbit. maybe you've run across a bookcrossing book before but i hadn't...until i went to mckillme to pick up a prescription refill...and there it was...a free book sitting there on the bench just inside the main lobby. ok, so it wasn't want that i cared to read but i'd nearly forgotten about the whole bookcrossing mission until now...i'll have to free some of my books into the wild... every now and again i look at my stats for my blog and see how people find their way here when using search engines. here are the top ten search queries for the last week:

10. disco pigs message boards
9. washingtonians hate baltimore
8. stud broke funny
7. grape juice vicodin
6. spyder games episode 41
5. problems alero 200 oldsmobile
4. charleston nuclear hoax movie
3. main fuse for my apartment
2. taco bell asshole chicago cops
1. help me i am lost in dissertation hell

and that pretty much sums my whole blog up, doesn't it?

Saturday, August 09, 2003

visited from the past, from the beyond...and i wonder why last night, why after so many argument, a battle, a tense goodbye at gillies in blacksburg and both of us trying to show our game faces, both of us seeing through the other, so smart and young and stubborn...and yet last night, a visit in my dreams and i've been wondering all day if tom was right that hot summer night as we all gathered around, mute and drunk disciples...wondering if we have a shared consciousness that keeps people alive for longer than they live...and if we resolve the past peacefully in our minds while we dream...and whether or not we are joined, briefly, on a path that could never exist in our waking life, that exists forever only as a possibility, a potential, a past imperfect made strangely, fantastically perfect...

Monday, August 04, 2003

i'm back...delirious...insane from complete lack of sleep...36 hours to get home...did we go via new zealand? oh no. it was just chicago and their stupid thunderstorms.

but before i forget...

holy fucking god it's august.

Monday, July 28, 2003

ok, ok, no, i haven't yet sent off any postcards but i will be doing loads of them tomorrow so be patient. you will probably get them after i arrive back home!! just got back from amsterdam and we are super tired, mainly from the hour it took to get through passport control, which we had to go through BEFORE we were able get to a fucking bathroom, er, toilet. i think that i'm going to have to write my trip details here retrograde because i have very little online time here and i don't feel like spending a lot of cash to sit at an internet cafe...but i'll work on that, my bits for an aera proposal ( follows you everywhere...), AND go to the lomo gallery that i've been meaning to go to for weeks now. cheers.

Friday, July 25, 2003

ok SUPER quick post...if you guessed amsterdam for the mystery trip...then you win!!!! what do you win, you say? well, the deep satisfaction of knowing that YOU WON. yes you! YOU WON!!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2003

alright. this is the first time...well, the second time really...the first time i only had a few minutes to check my email...ANYWAY...this is my first time blogging in the u.k. or, really, outside the u.s.

whee. ok c-u-ers, it is HOT AS SHIT here. i mean it...ok, so it's about 95-98-9895ish degrees but as you know, i like to stay in the a.c. all summer long and that is not quite possible here. even the tate gallery today was far less than air conditioned.

hmm...i'm feeling a lot less than inspired at the moment's that time o' the month. nice, right? so i'm keeping this short for now. but, but, but...i punted for the first time that i mean i was the PUNTER or whatever the person that has to stand in the boat and steer with the big ass stick. (note: that is big-ass not ass-stick...although i suppose it is possible that it could become an ass-stick but that kind of discussion is just not appropriate know who you are.)

so london is super expensive but so far i'm having a lot of fun!

Friday, July 11, 2003

ok, last day on u.s. soil...shit...less than 24 hours until i leave. BUT...but...but...i'm all packed if you can believe that. i's impossible to believe. maybe i'll repack everything, say, at 3am just to keep in line with my usual packing practices.

so, yeah...this is an actual vacation. no agenda, no schedule...three weeks. sounds like the start of some new reality show, doesn't it? i'll keep you posted.

Wednesday, July 09, 2003

the world that is invisible. the part where i walk past the scene of the crime, the way things could have ended up, a possible scenario and i smile and realize that i am no longer her. where do i go next? swirling and swirling fears and anxieties and excitements and scenarios...round and round in my head...i can see all the strands but to remove, to identify, to acknowledge any one of them weights them, gives them an order that is never, ever quite right.

but i ask the pained and painted lady this: what exactly was the curse? the world that is invisible or the mirror world you stayed in for so long? because i, too, am sick of shadows.

Saturday, July 05, 2003

i never know what i'm seeing at night around this time of year. i mean is it distant lightning or just some fool still setting off fireworks somewhere?

Friday, July 04, 2003

want a postcard from the UK? send me your address! what? you don't know my email address? well, then you won't get one from me. sorry. this offer reserved for people that i know.
holy fucking god it's july. and the 4th of july at that.

Sunday, June 29, 2003

your attention please...less than TWO WEEKS until my trip to london. omg. what WILL i wear. someone today said that i needed a makeover before the trip because my hair is three different colors. uh, yeah! it's that way on purpose. i mean who has black, brown, and red striped hair unless they meant to do it...that's not a matter of failure to upkeep a hairstyle -- these are vertical stripes NOT roots.

yeah anyway, i learned a cool new way to develop film onto fabric...oooh...can you say photoshop madness with the london trip photos?

Sunday, June 22, 2003

sorry, sorry, sorry. no new posts for a bit now. hmm. well, i guess it's only been a couple of days. although i haven't been must of a poster in general this month. so...less than three weeks until london!!! i know that you've been dying to hear the calendar countdown on that. i have a new digital camera and i'm ready to go! the days just need to pass more quickly now!

a few guys that i know from microsoft games were apparently on the discovery channel friday night...only the email from the mailing list came through saturday afternoon so i missed it entirely and it doesn't look like it's reairing any time soon according to my tivo. so i don't know if that was the university server fucking up (quite possibly) or some really bad timing on microsoft's part. so shit.

so i witnessed the harry potter madness last night at barnes and noble. steve wanted a copy of the new book and i met him there when he got his ticket for the "standing in line raffle" starting at midnight and then we saw finding nemo, which was ok but not nearly as hilariously great as people have been telling me. this is a suck ass summer for movies. i refuse to see the hulk because, i'm sorry, that damn cgi hulk looks ridiculous and they've lost the whole tragic existance of david banner that the series had. anyway, when we got back to barnes and noble, steve's ticket group number was called last and that probably meant that he'd get his book around 3am so he said "fuck it" and we left so i'm not sure why we went through all that but it was scary fun to see all the kids and adults in costume and all. i must say...i really don't get the whole harry potter thing but whatever. it does seem to be the "star wars" of this generation...damn i remember making my dad sit through that movie with me, like, 8 times in the 70s.

Tuesday, June 17, 2003

as most of you that know me know...i never pass up an opportunity to include an obscure reference to a wkrp in cincinnati episode no matter how weird it is going to sound in the midst of the conversation. so steve and i were eating lunch at whatever that mexican place near me is called now and he mentioned something about a local dj sidekick with the ability to only say "yes" "sure" and "ok" while on the air. and so i said "you know, that reminds me of that wkrp episode where fever has to interview the band scum of the earth and they start acting like complete asses the second they are on the air and refuse to say anything but yes or no."

wkrp is life. life is wkrp.

Saturday, June 07, 2003

ok, here's a fun fact for you. do you ever watch the shopping channels for embarassing moments? for instance, most of you heard about the "skin care hour" that i witnessed a few months ago where a caller said that whatever face cleanser they had on the air at the moment was SUPER HELPFUL for the pimples on her ass and the hilarity that unensued as the hosts tried to hold it together. today's fun moment was watching the host chatting with a VERY ENTHUSIASTIC male caller who apparently had been buying a ton of fake diamond solitaires from them to wear himself and was VERY HAPPY to be on the air and while i say "wear what you want," the phone call seemed a little "faked," which reminded me when mel and i in undergrad called the home shopping network during one of those weird, weird parties on tee street in blacksburg and tried to get on the air, back in the days when all the shopping channels had honking horns and prices being slashed right and left and lots and lots of "genuine" smoky topaz rings.

Monday, June 02, 2003

omg! 39 days until i leave for london...ahhhhhhhhh!!!!! kick ass.

and in other news, guess what i finally decided to do with my kick ass gold gideon bible journal from ex libris anonymous? that's right! it's the case of the psychotic grandmother: the screenplay!
holy fucking god it's june.

Saturday, May 24, 2003

jerome! i have some great ideas for nanowrimo -- one that i think could be totally cool and, more importantly, doable! :) im me!

Wednesday, May 21, 2003

driving back, driving back past one of dozens of "fresh oil" signs that have appeared in random locations all over town...something to do with all the construction i guess...i felt lonely...that lonely that you told me that you've felt before too and i missed you...i miss you.

Friday, May 16, 2003

all i could do was just put my clothes back on and walk back out, looking right through, right past anyone i passed by and who knows how i was able drive home from there, to the lab from there, to the airport from there. and we just sat there as the luggage went around the carousel, holding and being held and all we can do is wait and all i can do is wonder how long has this been going on and how much longer will it go on and how much longer i will go on, surrounded by yet another pile of handouts and maybe i should think about distributing them myself, you know? everything must go. and, in time, it will. but i don't think that it's time to go just quite yet.

Wednesday, May 14, 2003

tornado warning!!!!!!!

oh yeah. i don't believe in tornados.

Sunday, May 11, 2003

it's a year later now...and i've realized that i no longer wonder what would have happened had i gotten on that plane that morning, the morning that everything faded to black, and how that would have been just fucking hilarious to be arriving at seatac while he was trying to call. i no longer dream of that emerald city...i no longer have those dreams where i'm wandering around the apartment one last time before i walk away, walking down to broadway...the dream where the cop shakes his head in sorrow and tells me "she has a lovely face" as i pass by and i smile when i realize that she's no longer me.
well, i tried to post something last night but blogger wasn't working right and I HATE when i lose a post. and it was a good post too but my muddled brain can't possibly recreate it at this point.

Saturday, May 03, 2003

my heart, my heart racing so fast and i imagine most of you can understand trust, to trust again and how sometimes it makes you feel so scared and raw and open while at the same time you realize that you are finally able to feel again and it's hard to imagine that you ever could again but there it is...your heart...not where you left it before...and that's not such a bad thing.

Wednesday, April 30, 2003

ok so maybe you're hoping for some *dramatic conclusion* updates. so i'm not evicted, i fought it off...oh and i have a ticket to london for july!!!! so tell me your fav places for drinking, eating, and shopping in town. as you know, i spent more time in brighton and cambridge so this will be a fun and funky couple of weeks for me! finally...a vacation.

Tuesday, April 22, 2003

it's hard not to feel the anxiety about the forthcoming letter...i mean when exactly is it forthcoming? is she going to send it tomorrow? next week? next year? my brother was right...did i really think it was going to end with my last response? i don't know what i thought really. it makes the dream that i had last week seem even more absurd...the one where we were both talking, talking like you think we would talk, that we should talk...the one where she was genuinely interested in finding out about who i was...the one where every moment mattered?

Monday, April 21, 2003

nina simone...
"...and the books in sanscrit are...over there? with the english translation, of course" ...and the only thing that would have made that statement funnier when we heard it yesterday afternoon at the borders on north prospect would be if he asked for a translation in yet another, say, flemmish.

so my blog is now a day over two years's a day over two years since i was sitting at my kitchen table with my (then) new laptop, with the door shut to my workroom, claire's boxes blocking the way, copies of my resume and notes from my phone interviews with microsoft spread all over, and the balcony smoker who i haven't heard from since last year in an email that i never did reply to probably almost has his m.d. degree unless they finally kicked him out but i doubt there's a god so beware and be warned should you find yourself ill in peoria anytime soon. and it doesn't matter, it doesn't matter, it doesn't matter.

Tuesday, April 15, 2003

allergy time again and i spent 3 1/2 hours at mcKILLme yesterday to get a newer, better prescription for the pain in my face and by the time i was finally seen by the doctor i thought that they might as well just put a bullet in my brain to stop the pain...surely that would have been a more humane ending after making me wait for hours surrounded by a thousand undergrads having SUCH interesting and loud conversations on their cell phones.

Friday, April 11, 2003

alright. so i'm not just going to lay down and die on this whole thing. i mean what the hell, right? i mean i obviously don't have time to move so i might as well just become a giant pain in the ass and refuse to go along with this whole fraud eviction thing. i could tie them up in court for god knows how long, right? life would turn into one giant filibuster but, hey, i'm just not going to be steamrolled on this.

Thursday, April 10, 2003

calm. eerily calm. that's what i said late this morning when i was telling the doctor about how i've been since yesterday. but that's not so true any least not at the present moment...after returning from looking at some of the scariest places in town that are "available now" (conversation sample: uh, what happened to the last tenent? oh i see. they were shot. yeah. ok, i'm not sure this is what i'm looking for)...i feel pretty damn faint right now...what, what, what to do.

Wednesday, April 09, 2003're right. that's not such good news. but it is in a way. i mean i'm so friggin' sick of my rental agency...i won't get into it. you've all undoubtedly heard most of it by now. but fuck...yeah, this is a GREAT time to be looking for a new place to live. oh my fucking god...can this be true? can this really be happening? i mean EVICTED. it's been a long time coming i guess...i mean they've been trying to push me out of here for a couple of years now. i'm trying to extend the "10 day notice" to at least a month because, christ...what the fuck, right?
great news!!! i've been evicted! i'm not lying. i have been evicted.
sitting here at well past midnight, so angry that i want to smash my fist through the wall and then i remember the gash that still hasn't quite healed that jesse has on his arm from the last time he was raging at the machine (literally) and i have to ask myself if i really want any more scars, cuts, bruises on me at the moment. but i get so mad, you know?

so most of you know my play was finally pulled. and in the end i guess it really came down to me...i just decided not to deal with it...not to deal with the bureaucracy, the university bullshit, words cut...not just my words...whole events changed, sanitized...SPEAK OUT...but don't speak the, no that would be bad, that we cannot must be crazy, you must be unstable...speak out, speak out, speak long as we don't have to hear the's a trap, it's a trap, it's a will not set you free.

break.the.silence. just don't break the news to us. just please don't shatter our comfort. let's all just sit back and talk in the abstract, talk as if we really know how things must be because we read an article about it or heard some statistics on it, recoil with horror at the idea of it...but for god's sake...let's not hear the words that come from those who know these things for themselves because then that's when things will become uncomfortable.

break the silence...speak out...just for god's sake just don't tell us about it.

Tuesday, April 08, 2003

my hair is totally in red and black stripes after a two day ordeal and i think it looks pretty damn cool but outside of beckman i think that lucia was having palpitations when she saw it. but secretly i think that she really wants to do something to her hair because she keeps bringing up dying her hair...i mean enough to say that she was going to get a turquoise chunk in her hair if she gets a job offer...or was that a turquoise jumper? my hearing hasn't been so fab this week...i think that i am still recovering from that damn forcefield performance at the mca in chicago.

i thought that i was literally going to die this afternoon from pain though. i mean if i had the tools, i might have just gone ahead and given myself a hysterectomy right then and there. ok ok...over the top.

Saturday, April 05, 2003

at strawberry fields in urbana this afternoon, reading an excerpt from plath's notebooks, my heart aching so much that i could hardly stand it...her words bare and raw and sad...i remembered amy in her towel, sitting on the bed of that hotel in downtown athens, crying and crying...rod with a wet towel on his head, sick from the trip back from heraklion the night before, standing on the balcony with the drifter who asked if we were planning to paint the acropolis before telling us to get a grip already...the time was already slipping by so quickly and we had no idea...and no matter how many years pass by, there she is with us...laughing and carefree and and pained and careless, the old man at the shop at the edge of the bazaar in matala noting that he felt that i was different somehow, watching, watching the world through my pen, and what was it that made me so sad...all of us, deciding everything and nothing, sitting in the dark at the tables outside illuminated by the innkeeper's television showing re-runs of chips in greek...and god what scared me so, what scares me so?

Monday, March 31, 2003

ow. i have a huge bruise on my arm from crashing into the edge of the bathroom door in the middle of the night when i dared to get my cramp-ful body out of bed and get some more advil. i didn't notice the bruise until now but it is *very* impressive. not really. but i do wonder how many cuts and bruises i can attribute to menstrual cramp-related falling and fainting over the last, uh, i guess about 19 years.

Sunday, March 30, 2003

new! so i'm in fund raising mode now to pay for a ticket to go to the UK for a few weeks this summer...i need to go by one of those student travel agencies sometime this week to find out what kind of deals they have. however, if anyone knows of something terrific, let me know!
whoo hoo! i got a royalty check in the i can pay my power bill. so sad...
so we escaped from near least i'm sure that i was near death from disbelief after watching a *super rare* forcefield appearance about 5-6 hours ago in chicago at versionfest..."known for their idiot-savant low-tech approach to art-making, forcefield made a splash in 2002 at the whitney biennial with groupings of life-size knit figures set off by deafening a noise-band soundtrack and pulsating video projection."*art-making*...i may never fully recover.

Wednesday, March 26, 2003

i saw the movie the hours last night and i've been thinking about marvin most of the afternoon and evening...the lull...the reverie that listening to glass always puts me it brings me back...weeping and trying not to weep during those final concerts...the anxiety building, where to go, which way to go...driving around and around and around...i can see him now. that day, years and years later...i'm waiting, waiting in front of a building that had never meant and would never mean anything to us, to him and to me together.

but i'll wonder forever.

my friend that i will never see as friend who i will always see young, laughing...because we never did meet again...on that day, in front of that building...that building that would never mean anything to us...but will forever be the place where you never aged for me, where you were healthy...where we are still driving around and around and around, wondering where to go, which way to go...young and giddy with all the love and all the hope and all the world that lay before us.

Monday, March 24, 2003

so it's official...i have a new boyfriend. your example inspired me, jerome! :)

Saturday, March 22, 2003

the original pancake house on springfield was where to make the scene this morning. i guess now that spring break has started and most of the undergrads are out of here, all my grad school buds were out and about today. we can't afford a trip out anywhere so we just kind of linger for the week.

so. date number three is tonight...

Thursday, March 20, 2003

ok...soon...burning man planning posts. i promise.
oh my much time can we spend on the "was that a hussein body double" issue? and why does the u.s. media just call him "saddam?" what the fuck are we doing? i feel sick watching the coverage. "ever growing coalition of the willing." whatever bush.

Wednesday, March 19, 2003

fuck. apparently we are bombing iraq but it's too early to tell what the hell is going on exactly. FUCKKKKKKKKKK.

Tuesday, March 18, 2003

so i get this email this morning about some list of links that was on a website that i last was in charge of in 1997:"i recommend that you remove your dead site from the web. i'm sure it was wonderful in its day but it is royally dead now."hey thanks big brother! i'll get right on that.

Saturday, March 15, 2003 i was on a date tonight? well, ok, so it didn't start out as a date...a coffee...but six hours later after dinner and drinks and a "i had a really great time, let's get together again soon" parting on, uh..."honorary reo speedwagon drive" (i'm not making this up...there is a fucking street called "honorary reo speedwagon drive" in downtown champaign)...apparently we had just been out on a date. and, no, this isn't some crazy scandal.
what a long day...i think i'm going to withdraw the play and forget it. this is just insane. yes, it's become even MORE insane since yesterday. i don't know what to say about it really other than this just fucking sucks. i don't know. i've talked to lucia, to christine, to yuri, and to jesse about it...they know how much this is bothering me. of course the question is out there -- why tell the story now? exactly. why now?

it's like clockwork, really...every spring. the anxiety builds and i feel like i'm about to re-live it again and again and again and i can’t stop it.

Friday, March 14, 2003

oh god...the play saga is a meta play in itself...i'm too emotionally exhausted from this week's script adaptation and stage blocking and the ENDLESS discussion about whether or not i should step out of it because it might be too *real* for me. i don't know. it just seems to be such a hassle right now...i it. i'm too tired to talk any more about it today.

so today (later today) is unofficial st patty's day on campus...the most hated day of the year for everyone who is not an undergrad. bars open at 8am on campus, which means you are very likely to find that your car has been vomited on while you were teaching a class that no one showed up for because they were out drinking green beer. and just in time for all the open houses that start tomorrow and the all prospies and their parents who will probably be molested in the street by some drunk frat boy on a dare.

Wednesday, March 12, 2003

ok my play is definitely on now -- it's being "adapted for stage" now. i know...uh...wasn't it already a play? the adaptation person in the theatre department looks over scripts like mine and makes sure that what is in the script can actually be performed on stage in a way that won't completely lose the audience. no words, though, have been cut. she's just putting in stage directions and such.

oh shit. i just realized that i still owe jerome some money -- eep! i'll get that to you asap!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2003

fuck i wish that i could afford to go to thailand for spring break. too damn much money. but steve is going to send me some fabrics from there soon for my "stash." so that looks like it's as close as i'm going to get to thailand for now.

anyway...looks like the play may be on again. i'll know for sure tomorrow. it's still *too controversial* but they are going to go for it anyway it seems. as of this moment at least.

Wednesday, March 05, 2003

christ. so the girl who comes to inspect my apartment? she only goes like 3 feet into my apartment and says "ok, that's fine." what the fuck? all that cleaning and all she does is come in 3 feet. whatever. i mean my living room could have been on fire and there could have been satanic messages (or any messages really) written in blood on my walls...and she wouldn't have known a thing.

cool! now i can finally start setting things on fire and writing satanic messages in blood on my walls!

Monday, March 03, 2003

oh weird...i'm about to hit the two year mark on this blog. kick ass.

Tuesday, February 25, 2003

two more shows of this production's run! it's been a good show and i'm glad that i stuck with it. i just hate that it really has caused some major, major problems in other parts of my life. it's funny...well, sad really...whenever i try and get to the things that are most important to me personally, it seems that something else must topple and suddenly i become a great disappointment to those that saw me as an automaton, a slavish workhorse. and i hate that i just fucking can't be everything to everyone...i just have to mean something to me right now.
whoa. the pioneer 10 finally fell silent. you know...and i know this is weird...but thinking about that lonely robot spacecraft out there in space for so long, sending us data for over three decades...i think this touches me more than the columbia. i mean i am not saying that the columbia wasn't tragic. it was. but i guess the fact that this spacecraft is out there, floating, with its message of goodwill and a map back home...i don't know. it makes me wonder if anyone will ever find it. it's like a space message in a bottle. ok, ok...i guess it touches the "geek" in me...but it also touches the artist in me. this expression of self, of science, of us...we sent this message out hoping someone/something might someday find it and understand. ah...who knows. i'm a sap.

Monday, February 24, 2003

ok, three shows down and three more to go for this production's run. lucia and cece were there last night and it was fun to see them in the audience. the show finally came together -- dicey because it's experimental stuff and therefore who knows if or when things will ever sync up. but it did. and it does feel great to be involved in the performing arts again...even if it isn't in music. and hey! i guess i can now officially say that i've been a stage actor!

up next? rehearsals for my play...that is if we can get it through the censors. unfortunately we are supported by university funds and there are a lot of conservatives holding the purse strings. but we'll figure something out. :)

Wednesday, February 19, 2003

oh...almost forgot. i got this weird error message today. i guess win xp doesn't have the league of nations option. you think it would but maybe it's part of the antitrust settlement.
wow...two days until the invited dress rehearsal and i'm just not getting my lines down for the last piece yet!! it'll get there...

Tuesday, February 18, 2003

reno. thoughts of burning man and talk today about upcoming conferences in that biggest little city that several of us called home for a while. skin burning, dry...a place to dry my tears, the tears that i'd cried for way too long. some days i think about escaping to reno again, hiding in that sad, sad heart...even just for a little while.

1937.09 miles from this place...years and years from this place. sitting on the grass on the lawn of the university overlooking the strip, talking about the children playing and the sadness that i felt when i remembered. and yet i felt safe, i remember the desert sun...holding me. and i was free.

Monday, February 17, 2003

oooh. so i forgot to tell you about the conclusion to the exciting customs story. i did finally get my shipment and all was well but i was getting all these questions like "are you sure this isn't for night vision?" and "so how exactly would you develop film for a 35mm camera?" of course i have part two of the shipment still headed my way so i'm sure i'll be going through this all over again in another day or so. i mean it's coming from friggin' AUSTRIA. i dunno. maybe the duct tape on the outside of the box caused alarm because they were wondering if it was a shipment of extra tape to sell on the black market. you know. to hold up your plastic sheeting or canned food? just duck and cover. that's all you need to know.
typical conversation with j***e on im [4:15pm, cst]:

[j***e] morn
[me] hey man
[me] want to go to burning man?
[j***e] just woke up
[me] not now
[me] in august
[j***e] yeah i've heard of that
[me] lets go!
[me] i have an in on a camp
[me] many others are also half interested/half scared
[j***e] i'm not going
[me] ok so i'll put you down as a maybe then
[j***e] lol

ok, so who ELSE is planning on burning man? so far there's three of us semi thinking about maybe committing to it.
i don't know what to say about the weekend really. it just kind of disappeared and now i'm facing monday again and i really can't wait to go to albuquerque for spring break and see barb, lee, dave...maybe we'll all have another adventure in santa fe. it will be so nice to see all of them again...after all, i don't think i've seen any of them since greg and i started dating...or since we broke up. hmm...something to think about...what exactly was it about our relationship that caused me to doubt everything about myself so much that i was ashamed to see anyone at all?

Thursday, February 13, 2003

oh! i'm collecting AOL/Earthlink/MSN/Other ISP CDs plus any CDs that you would normally be discarding (like CD burning mishaps) for a remediation art project that i'm working on. let me know if you can contribute to the cause! thanks!

Wednesday, February 12, 2003

oh my god. i'm in big crazy trouble right now. so i ordered this new camera and some lenses from austria, by way of russia. anyway, us customs is FREAKING OUT because at some ups dispatch center in louisville, kentucky they've decided that this is dangerous machinery and there's threats of imploding the package, etc. ugh...i just hope i don't have to pay a hefty fine because that would really suck. i have to call them in the morning to get this straightened out. terrorism paranoia i guess. all i know is that on the ups tracking website, it says that my package has been seized by customs and then i received a whole series of answering machine messages on my machine when i got home from rehearsal tonight.

you know...while i like doing photography, it's really making me crazy. i mean every friggin' time i go on an airplane guess who gets the super duper deluxe treatment? and, yes, i understand...but i'm just's just hard to stay all chipper and patient as people are smearing the lenses with all kinds of clothes to check for explosive materials all while ransacking my luggage for more stuff. the most hilarious part was the last time i was on a plane and they dumped out my entire suitcase (this is a regional airport...we don't have those ultra fancy xray super scanners like at those big city slickers airports). you know...people have made fun of me for my less-than-precise packing skills. but i felt pretty justified because in the end, everyone's ransacked luggage looked the same...just like mine has always looked. :)

haha. flashback memory to aect chicago from years ago when sherry packed about 90 pounds of books in a garment bag and the guy at the roanoke airport just about died when that came off the luggage rack. ok...only barb will remember that one.

Tuesday, February 11, 2003

what a long day. i'm finally, finally feeling better but there's still (always?) some chaos. yesterday my email was jammed for the second time this month due to someone sending me an enormously large file so if you sent me something and it bounced, that's why.

so i'm kind of freaked out. yesterday i got that dreaded "your dissertation is what you'll be doing for the rest of your life" speech. ok,'s wasn't that dramatic. but panic inducing nonetheless. sure, i know a ton of people who have gone on to never do anything close to their dissertations again. i mean, there's the argument that you should do your dissertation that answers the questions that YOU are passionate or you'll never finish. then there's the argument that says who the hell cares because you'll hate whatever your dissertation is on forever and ever once you're done. i mean so the whole thing with yesterday is that i really trust this person and their instincts...a lot. so when he tells me that he feels like my dissertation, if tweaked, could be so much more meaningful, genre-breaking...a book, literally. makes me feel like "wow...i could really do all that?" while at the same time making me feel like " i just tilting at windmills here?" so it makes my brain hurt, you know? i mean the funny thing is that we are always looking for someone to believe in us...and then when they do? we can't feel like they could possibly know what they are doing.

Friday, February 07, 2003

since we are on high terror alert now, i thought that i'd encourage everyone to go old school and immediately go out and purchase items that represent paranoia when paranoia was done RIGHT!

ex libris anonymous has FABULOUS journals made from old books from the 50s and 60s. being the heathen that i am, i picked up a journal that used to be an old gold gideon bible. but there are plenty more! give jasmine your support!

for your movie watching needs, consider getting some old 16mm educational films (converted onto vhs and dvd) from a/v geeks to learn about what terrors face us in the 1980s and how to be model citizens! i have the av geeks lunchboxed set dvds. classic!
for you link lovers out there, here's an oldie but a goodie: is dick cheney dead yet? i hope that he updates it this year...guess january was chaotic for a lot of us.

Sunday, February 02, 2003

andrea has done it again. she always totally blows me away. in her latest newsletter she shared that instead of new years resolutions, her tradition is to create a personal theme for the year to live by. so in honor of that most kick ass theme this year is:

becoming. living the life of my true self without compromise.

and while we're at it, she shares this concept from her favorite writers, rob brezsny, that's sooooo much better than paranoia:

pronoia...the sneaking suspicion that the whole world is conspiring to shower you with blessings; the growing conviction that life is inherently designed to liberate you from suffering, fill you with joy, and make you really smart.


Saturday, February 01, 2003

ugh...and it's not just a cold now. it's pneumonia. great. this has been a 100% frustrating day. i think i might just call it a night and try again tomorrow for better results.
sick...i'm unbelieveably sick right now...oy...where's cold detox when you need it?
sitting here at way-too-fucking-late-o'clock and wondering if this cold/flu will ever leave me and also wondering how come no one has come up with the rapid detox solution for the common cold. you know how they can put people into short comas while they go through the worst part of drug detox? i want something like that for the head colds. yeah, yeah...i know...there's nyquil. give me a fucking break. child's play. let's face's just not that great. no, i'm thinking of something on a much grander scale. i mean wouldn't it be lovely to just be in a drug induced coma while the worst of the cold is there? i mean would that work? could that work? i mean we might as well be knocked out for a few days, right? it's not like we're super efficient workers while we are typing with one hand and blowing our noses with the other. not to mention we look like absolute hell and being in a short coma would keep you from feeling even worse because you wouldn't catch a glimpse of your pale green skin, red eyes, and...uh...ok. you get the point.

anyway...bunkadoo, a.k.a. jeromenome, has a great idea about v-day cards. he wants to bring back the days where we gave valentine's cards to our friends and it wasn't this national day of mourning for all the unattached. and marion will appreciate this flashback to emporium daze...all these years and still no one has marketed that damn ftd death bouquet (tm) idea i came up with while we were selling all those god damn roses back in the 'burg. i'm still telling you that it would work. when you hate enough to send the very worst.

Friday, January 31, 2003

so did i tell you that i HAVE a sewing machine now? and so now i'm sewing every day and it's totally crazy. and i was just telling my mom on the phone how i ran across this grad student at UVA'a (i think) web site and he was talking about how the only way he remained sane during his dissertation writing was by making stuffed animals. somehow he got it into his brain that he would learn to sew and sew he did, making tons and tons of stuffed animals. so maybe there is something to this quilting thing of mine.

the funny thing about it is that i was convinced that i didn't like quilts (and WHY exactly did i sign up for a quilting class?) but really i don't like those pastel kinds that look (and usually are) manufactured. you know the kind i mean...the kind when you hear the word "quilt" and you think (a.k.a., i think) "yuck...nononononono way is that going into my house." so, yeah, i still hate those quilts. but i've been seeing these quilt examples at the store that i go to, in the classes i've been taking, and on the web and there are these cool stories that are told through the quilt, only you just have to learn how to see it. and i guess that's true with anything really...the story is there. you just have to learn how to see it.

Tuesday, January 28, 2003

my latest movie obsession: bollywood! get your bollywood films at indofilms. works like net flix. i can't wait for my first four to arrive!

Thursday, January 23, 2003

you know what's kind of funny? ok, it's a LOT funny. for some reason my cable modem company is blocking the microsoft site. but luckily the msn "sorry we can't find your site" search page pops up on my internet explorer and asks me if i was looking for microsoft (again, blocked) or mmicrosoft. now why the hell does it even offer me mmicrosoft as an option? i know, i's a 'bot and not a static web page...but still. you think that bill would make sure that something like that wouldn't happen.

in other news, my play has been deemed *too controversial.* lord. it's not yet clear, however, if *too controversial* means "uh...we've got a problem..." but as the magic 8 ball suggests...all signs point to "yes." hehe. i've always wanted to be *too controversial.*

Wednesday, January 22, 2003

ugh...the flu. it's official. and that's fine,'s like -36 outside.

Sunday, January 19, 2003

an old friend of mine is once again touched with fire it seems. and i recognized the voice right away on the phone. i mean i knew it was her...but i also knew which version of her it was. once you've heard the sound of madness descending, you cannot forget...and i just remembered that it's been ten years and my blood runs cold. a whole decade has passed in the blink of an eye and here we are again...the play goes on and on...a pattern. and i can't seem to shake the feeling that we've gone all this way only to arrive exactly where we started...only i'm not sure we know the place quite yet...only that we know that we've arrived...once again.

Friday, January 17, 2003

wanted: xbox decorate my videogame journal! :)

Thursday, January 16, 2003

i want my blogger mug back dammit!

anyway, i'm dying for some new games but i don't have any cash right now. job opportunity part two came my way earlier this week but i, once again, had to beg off due to timing. too much cancer last year to finish up...but it's all over now. and we're moving on.

Tuesday, January 14, 2003

so last night i did something TOTALLY uncharacteristic for me. any guesses? i took a *gasp* basic quilting class. there's this sewing place like 14 steps from my apartment (ok maybe it's a little farther than that but it's damn would take me longer to get there if i drove rather than walked) and they rent out machines and they offer classes and such. so back in december, COMPLETELY on a whim...i walked over and asked them if they offered classes. and normally just getting information would be more than enough to end my manic wanderings. but no...i signed up to take a class. so when getting information somehow fails to curb my manic excitement, usually signing up and paying for whatever the object of my attention is then takes care of it...and then i don't do anything more from there. and then i bought the supplies for the class...and then last night...i showed up for the class. and you was absolutely insane because I'VE NEVER SEWED ANYTHING IN MY LIFE. and so it was weird because i was using this super technical sewing machine that kind of felt like i was using a racing wheel for one of my racing games...had the pedal and everything. but the damn amazing thing is that now i have these little sewed together squares and i'm trying to figure out how the hell it was possible that i sewed something together at all! but apparently i did...go figure.

and you know...i don't really even like quilts. i mean the traditional kind. but i like the idea of making something that looks completely, completely absurd and modern, like with velvet in wild colors. so i felt like i was getting the knowledge that i needed to do something, well, absurd and modern. and this post is going nowhere really but i just had to share.

Sunday, January 12, 2003

some sad news...lucia's father passed away on thursday and my heart is with her and her family. so everyone...send good thoughts her way...thoughts of strength, of healing, of courage.
i don't know why i forgot to mention this the other day but cece, rachel, mike, harlan, sarah, and i all went out to boltini's to check out the 16mm educational films set to a rock-n-roll soundtrack. it sounded amazingly wacky and they even had $1 schlitz cans...but the show wasn't all that. but the company was great and we all had lots-o-laughs anyway. AND i got to wear my wacky-ass coat that i bought at a local vintage shop. what better occasion, right?

Saturday, January 11, 2003

sigh...why can't my apartment people fix the goddamn fuse in the bathroom? it seems to blow every three months. shower by candlelight i guess...again.

Wednesday, January 08, 2003

why is carrot top famous? can someone answer this for me? i just saw an ad on tv for the hollywood squares and he's apparently on it...WHY? why does this guy exist?????
i think that i eat like a drug addict. actually i don't know if that's the right title for my dining behavior but it feels right at the moment. i mean some days i only have candy to eat. all day. that's it. candy and orange juice. then there's the days that i might only eat steamed rice. today is a tv dinner day. i guess i'm on a health kick right now, huh? actually i think that i mostly eat like a grad student...i dine on whatever i can afford at the moment. which is kind of like being a drug addict...although i'm not sure that all this research gives you quite the same high.

Tuesday, January 07, 2003

so you probably haven't heard of this place unless you are me or bunkadoo but today's shopping recommendation is lush fresh handmade cosmetics based in canada. as bunkadoo and i can attest, they have THE best bath products ever. this is based on asynchronous remote research that we have both conducted in our own, uh, labs and is not based on synchronous co-located research with bunkadoo...who did tell a story recently about some kind of synchronous co-located research involving free-falling out of showers when showering in groups. but that's some new direction that he's leading his lab in and you'll have to ask him to brief you on that.

guess who's been working on their methods chapter again???

Monday, January 06, 2003

i hit a new low in dissertation procrastination today...i just spent the last three hours removing every single stain in my carpet and cleaning...and i mean my cat's litter boxes to perfection. nice...

Saturday, January 04, 2003

well, i've been amazingly busy all day ever since i discovered lomography on the web and now i'm completely obsessed with it. ok i've also been doing other things but i really love the history behind lomography -- high quality art photography for the people. it's so very art as experience as chip might say. and christ...i just said it too. fuck.

anyway, according to this site...lomography is " first glance, a bit like good old photography, but it is actually something else, something completely different. it requires uncompromising and relentless snapshots of everyday insanity by lomographers using their lomos. these are taken from the hip, over their heads, through legs, from the floor, upside down, facing backwards, etc..."

kick ass.

Friday, January 03, 2003

holy shit! that book we did??? it just went into REPRINT. shit. who knew?

Thursday, January 02, 2003

oh -- i now have a livejournal mainly serving as a passthrough to here so that i can take advantage of the LJ communities while still focusing on my blog.
in the "ok...i deserve this" category...

i either have (1) the flu, which i don't think that i really *deserve* but it just kind of figures because i was making such a big stink a few weeks ago about how i would rather have the flu 7000 times than get a flu shot.

or...i have (2) some god awful parasite from that whatever-tartare that i ate at that restaurant the night my brother announced his engagement when i stated something along the lines of "i can eat whatever the hell i want i don't care if it's dangerous or not and stop fucking telling me what to do i'm not three years old" blah blah blah.

here's hoping that it's just the flu. and here's hoping that i don't get it 7000 times if it is.
update on the boxes...not everything was ruined. the goretex raincoat survived (damn that stuff's amazing). most of the other clothes are kinda moldy, the cd player doesn't seem to be working, and all the shampoos/soaps/etc all kind of exploded into one big mess. probably the weirdest thing he sent back was the book on london that i got him for our six month anniversary when everything was still happy and hopeful. although looking back...ah...never mind. it doesn't really matter anymore, does it?

it's kind of funny, though...i had a dream about fiji the other night. no, not the country...that fraternity that john was in back in undergrad...remember him? was a fairy tale dream (tm). and as far as i can figure out, it was mostly about ghosts. not the supernatural kind...just those people who used to be your friends back when you were dating their friend but once the relationship is over...yeah, you know what happens. and i imagine that i had the dream because i've been thinking about the friends that i lost when greg and i broke up. god knows why i was dreaming of people and places from 12 years ago though...patterns...patterns...patterns...

Wednesday, January 01, 2003

oh yeah. many of you have asked me what this mystery play is all about. well, the main thing that i can tell you right now is that it's about the conversations that we all have when a new relationship begins to become something more significant. and it's about that dance we do, trying to find a way to convey the pain that we have felt, the experiences that we have had...simultaneously hoping that they will have the strength to stay...and hoping that if they don't that they'll leave now before you start to fall and even the king's men can't put you back together again.
happy new year everyone! harlan, christine, yore, and i all spent a low key new year's eve together cooking, eating, and watching happenstance and ringing in the new year to the sound of...uh...owls. christine has this bird clock that "chimes" a different bird sound every hour and i guess midnight is the owl hour. they say that midnight is the witching hour...and i guess witches sometimes have there you go. anyway, it was a really nice time. not a crazy new years...but just casual and happy and fun. and i guess that for the first time in a long, long time i realized that maybe i'm not so alone in the world. and i don't really know what specifically made me feel that way tonight and i guess it really doesn't matter. the important thing is that i feel like things are going to be ok. somehow. finally.

i realized on the drive home tonight that i've been a pretty crappy friend over the last 7-8 months. and i'm sorry about that everyone. that's the part of depression that really amazes me...that for some reason when you are falling into it, you have to push everyone away so far and create an even bigger...well...loneliness. and it's not until you come back out of it that you realize that the pushing not only hurt you...but other people as well.

may we all find peace this year.