Friday, March 14, 2003

oh god...the play saga is a meta play in itself...i'm too emotionally exhausted from this week's script adaptation and stage blocking and the ENDLESS discussion about whether or not i should step out of it because it might be too *real* for me. i don't know. it just seems to be such a hassle right now...i it. i'm too tired to talk any more about it today.

so today (later today) is unofficial st patty's day on campus...the most hated day of the year for everyone who is not an undergrad. bars open at 8am on campus, which means you are very likely to find that your car has been vomited on while you were teaching a class that no one showed up for because they were out drinking green beer. and just in time for all the open houses that start tomorrow and the all prospies and their parents who will probably be molested in the street by some drunk frat boy on a dare.

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