Sunday, June 29, 2003

your attention please...less than TWO WEEKS until my trip to london. omg. what WILL i wear. someone today said that i needed a makeover before the trip because my hair is three different colors. uh, yeah! it's that way on purpose. i mean who has black, brown, and red striped hair unless they meant to do it...that's not a matter of failure to upkeep a hairstyle -- these are vertical stripes NOT roots.

yeah anyway, i learned a cool new way to develop film onto fabric...oooh...can you say photoshop madness with the london trip photos?

Sunday, June 22, 2003

sorry, sorry, sorry. no new posts for a bit now. hmm. well, i guess it's only been a couple of days. although i haven't been must of a poster in general this month. so...less than three weeks until london!!! i know that you've been dying to hear the calendar countdown on that. i have a new digital camera and i'm ready to go! the days just need to pass more quickly now!

a few guys that i know from microsoft games were apparently on the discovery channel friday night...only the email from the mailing list came through saturday afternoon so i missed it entirely and it doesn't look like it's reairing any time soon according to my tivo. so i don't know if that was the university server fucking up (quite possibly) or some really bad timing on microsoft's part. so shit.

so i witnessed the harry potter madness last night at barnes and noble. steve wanted a copy of the new book and i met him there when he got his ticket for the "standing in line raffle" starting at midnight and then we saw finding nemo, which was ok but not nearly as hilariously great as people have been telling me. this is a suck ass summer for movies. i refuse to see the hulk because, i'm sorry, that damn cgi hulk looks ridiculous and they've lost the whole tragic existance of david banner that the series had. anyway, when we got back to barnes and noble, steve's ticket group number was called last and that probably meant that he'd get his book around 3am so he said "fuck it" and we left so i'm not sure why we went through all that but it was scary fun to see all the kids and adults in costume and all. i must say...i really don't get the whole harry potter thing but whatever. it does seem to be the "star wars" of this generation...damn i remember making my dad sit through that movie with me, like, 8 times in the 70s.

Tuesday, June 17, 2003

as most of you that know me know...i never pass up an opportunity to include an obscure reference to a wkrp in cincinnati episode no matter how weird it is going to sound in the midst of the conversation. so steve and i were eating lunch at whatever that mexican place near me is called now and he mentioned something about a local dj sidekick with the ability to only say "yes" "sure" and "ok" while on the air. and so i said "you know, that reminds me of that wkrp episode where fever has to interview the band scum of the earth and they start acting like complete asses the second they are on the air and refuse to say anything but yes or no."

wkrp is life. life is wkrp.

Saturday, June 07, 2003

ok, here's a fun fact for you. do you ever watch the shopping channels for embarassing moments? for instance, most of you heard about the "skin care hour" that i witnessed a few months ago where a caller said that whatever face cleanser they had on the air at the moment was SUPER HELPFUL for the pimples on her ass and the hilarity that unensued as the hosts tried to hold it together. today's fun moment was watching the host chatting with a VERY ENTHUSIASTIC male caller who apparently had been buying a ton of fake diamond solitaires from them to wear himself and was VERY HAPPY to be on the air and while i say "wear what you want," the phone call seemed a little "faked," which reminded me when mel and i in undergrad called the home shopping network during one of those weird, weird parties on tee street in blacksburg and tried to get on the air, back in the days when all the shopping channels had honking horns and prices being slashed right and left and lots and lots of "genuine" smoky topaz rings.

Monday, June 02, 2003

omg! 39 days until i leave for london...ahhhhhhhhh!!!!! kick ass.

and in other news, guess what i finally decided to do with my kick ass gold gideon bible journal from ex libris anonymous? that's right! it's the case of the psychotic grandmother: the screenplay!
holy fucking god it's june.