Saturday, September 22, 2007

i have to say...i'm in love with chanel no. 19. so ok, that wasn't a super important thing to report on. or is it?

Friday, September 21, 2007

ok so most (none?) of you know that i'm headed to LA around this time next month (which is fantastic...considering it's going to directly coincide with next month's time o' the month...fuck...more on that in a bit). anyway, set up for the show is on the 17th, i'm hoping to catch up with some friends on the 16th, shop a little (i'll buy my bday present for ME out there because, of course, there will be an AP near the hotel and i cannot WAIT to see what the have in store, especially since they have been unbelievably slow about posting the new collection on their new website (which is not firefox friendly...) and you all know that i'm an AP girl through and through since i was first introduced to it in london). yes, i have spent way too much on lingerie for myself -- and if you think victoria's secret is pricey...VS's secret is that they only WISH they could be AP because AP is high quality and amazing. seriously...every girl should have killer knickers...i wish that they had a charity or something because i'd donate to it. no, i don't think underwear is the most important thing ever. but there is something to be said about how it can make you feel when you are otherwise feeling like 100% crap. that i have gone on and on about that particular subject...back to LA. so, yeah, i'm going to the LA store. but the question i get a tat while i'm there and if so should i get it from kat's store? ok, considering how sick i get...a tat probably isn't a super smart idea. that and is there anything that i want on me for, uh, the rest of my life (even with removal treatments, scarring remains). i've thought about a bar code...and that's about as far as i've gotten. well, besides my famous tree drawing...but i don't want a tattoo of it on me i've decided. i dunno. so maybe i'll come back with a tat...maybe i won't. but i will have something AP and undoubtedly a mega ton of tshirts from the convention, which i'll promptly give away to my students because, hell, i think our floor would collapse if i brought in any more gamer t-shirts.

but...anyway, the whole time of the month thing: today i was informed that mcKILLme would no longer treat me for endometriosis because i am not compliant with anything but pain killers (duh...all other solutions cause me to stroke out...i know...we've tried). but anyway my regular doc wasn't there so i saw this new bitch doctor (no, i didn't mean to say witch doctor) who practically called the cops on me to show that she means business when she says no painkillers. i've honestly never wished endo on anyone...but i sure would like to wish a month of it on people like her who seem to think because THEY don't feel like killing themselves to get away from the pain that no one ever feels more than an advil's worth of pain meds.

ugh. same old, same old. this is getting rather boring isn't it? i know i'm totally bored by having to go to the doctor every fucking month for a day's worth of medicine that i have to go through uber-discussion about each and every time. maybe it's good that it'll fall on the days i'm at e for all -- i can sure do a mean demo of a person in extreme pain...they need to make "trauma center: obgyn" i do believe...
yeah i know. i haven't been good about posting stuff in a reallllly long time. school's started, i started with some super fun in the hospital (i'm ok now)...i'm teaching a class that will probably get me fired (but, damn...i'd rather go out with a whole load of controversy. :) oh what's the class on? game design...with subthemes of sex and disability accessibility. maybe that doesn't seem all that crazy but we are in the midwest and...well the field trip i have planned is a little nuts. more later if i'm fired.