Friday, November 29, 2002

ok, i fucked up the whole tgiving holiday by oversleeping and missing my 6am flight outta here last friday, which completely screwed up my entire flight pattern and the only flight left was one that had me getting in sunday evening and leaving...well, this morning at the crack o' dawn. but i survived but unfortunately i wasn't at my parent's house long enough to call anyway because of aimee's wedding. whew. but i'm back now and trying to figure out my plan for i even bother staying through new years because, shit, like there's ever anything to do in dc on new years. fucking republicans. ok, ok...there's NEVER anything to do in dc on new years whether or not the republicans are in the white house...but, hey, i'm sure that the republicans have something to do with the suckiness of the city, right? so let's blame them!

last new years, i was in seattle as you know dressed as the comic book character death from the sandman series for that lame heaven and hell ball...the one that we walked back from and my feet were bleeding by the time we got back from those crappy shoes that i'd bought that day? anyway, despite would be nice to have something to do this year...i just don't know if i feel up for anything. any fun suggestions anyone? i have a frequent flier ticket to burn (continental us only though...).

Monday, November 18, 2002

my grandparents are coming for xmas. time to ask the doctor for something for, say, heroin.

Sunday, November 17, 2002

so laugh with me...i am! art boy is now next door neighbor???? say it isn't so! he IMed me and told me. now that is too, too funny.
ok so i'm not looking at that post-doc position anymore. i'm just concentrating on my writing, my photography...and oh dissertation and all those hundreds of thousands of fucking videotapes. i had to buy a new battery for my digital camera...$60!!! did last 5 years but still. i really wish that i could afford a new camera though...the resolution on mine is pretty good actually but the zoom completely sucks. it's just starting to get a bit annoying to not be able to really focus in on things like this cool window on the front of the GSLIS building and that garbage (really) in front of C.O. daniels at the end of the ohio state game weekend. you know what i mean?

Saturday, November 16, 2002

i must be clearly insane, right? i'm actually considering applying for a post-doc for next year? and the application has to be postmarked by thursday? lord...i never ever thought that i would be looking at a post-doc position. but it actually kind of sounds cool.

Monday, November 11, 2002

ok, since you asked...i'm mainly not looking forward to the holidays because i don't want to deal with being asked a hundred thousand times why i am not finishing this fall. yeah, yeah...i'm such a disappointment. blah, blah, blah. seriously, though...i am getting a bit sick of it. so many people seem to have opinions about it...but give me a break...i'm doing the best that i can.

you know... i just finished my third 300 page journal in less than six months...whoa...that's 900 pages of future novel material and that's pretty damn cool i think.
i slept for way too long today and my back is killing me probably from wearing those platform boots for too many hours last night at the party. but the party was fun and my bjork was a big hit and i still have glitter in my hair and all over this place and my cats look like they were at a rave last night because the glitter has even stuck to their fur.

but i'm a little...a lot...sad today realizing that it has now been 6 months since the breakup and i feel completely robbed and i wonder if you can sue someone over work and time lost due to heartbreak but probably not. i keep thinking that he's going to send MY stuff back but he doesn't seem to be in any kind of hurry about it. the holidays are pretty much going to suck this year i think.

btw, i'll be in dc in about a week and a half for all you dc people. i'll be getting in on friday the 22nd and leaving on dec 2. i'll be at aimee's wedding from the 25th through the 27th though. just so you know.

Saturday, November 09, 2002

believe it or not i went to happy hour tonight. it was ok but i did feel pretty detached. let's face it...i really just don't like hanging out at bars chatting with people that i kind of know but not really. and speaking of former happy hour crowds...some of art boy's crowd was at 02 tonight. they got there right before we were leaving so i doubt any of them saw me, which is just as well. not sure i wanted to reunite.

Thursday, November 07, 2002

so there's a "be your inner celebrity" cocktail party on saturday night and who am i going as? yep. bjork.
i'm going through this bizarre electronic organization bug right now where i have to have all my dissertation videos catalogued just so, all my mp3s properly labeled, etc. psychosis, clearly.

the problem with doing research that involves looking at large volumes of video data is that after a while you really really really begin to hate your research participants. i mean not them so much. it's more like having to watch the same stupid awful tv show over and over and over again that was cancelled after only three episodes because the plot sucked, the actors sucked, and it really just wasn't all that interesting to begin with. so you start seething with RAGE everytime you have to watch them saying the same pointless things...over and over and over again. rage. seething with rage.

Wednesday, November 06, 2002

so i voted today and i forgot that my polling station, which is at some church down the street, is ultra ultra conservative so perhaps i was a little too, uh, bizarrely dressed for the seniors volunteering from the retirement home next door. but anyhoooo...that "i voted" sticker can look like a cool little logo for your t-shirt if you wear it dead center of your shirt versus off to the side. went super well with my red patent leather doc martins and that insanely insane purple necklace that i picked up at zen on broadway when i was in seattle last week.

cha cha chaaaaaaaa...

Tuesday, November 05, 2002

ok, ok...i'm going to bed. but first...let me remind you about andrea's superhero designs since many have asked me what on earth is this wild scarf that i'm now wearing around my neck. well, you can get one of your own at andrea's site.
according to googlism...

michelle hinn is offered in several formats (ed note: that should clear things up a LOT for my therapist)

michelle hinn is a ph (ed note: what? just a ph? without the d...guess you get that when you turn in the dissertation. lol)

michelle hinn is a doctoral student in educational psychology at the university of illinois and a research assistant at the national center for supercomputing applications (ed note: yes...for a very long time now)

Monday, November 04, 2002

you are truely crazy jerome but i'll write the novel with you next november just as long as you keep the other night a total know...when i met you and that other person at the place near the place we were at last time when that thing happened and all the sudden that guy yelled "what the fuck does that have to do with leftover tacos?" and then the police showed up but by then we were laughing next door behind that gate with the sign that told us that we couldn't go on the ride unless we were this tall and those girls who were wearing those outfits burst out laughing over that one band that sang that song about that one restaurant with the name that reminded us all of something from a night not long ago and yet still it seems that so much time has passed since the blind guy told us the secret behind the meaning of that thing that we saw the day that everything changed.

so what time am i meeting you guys this weekend?