Monday, November 04, 2002

you are truely crazy jerome but i'll write the novel with you next november just as long as you keep the other night a total know...when i met you and that other person at the place near the place we were at last time when that thing happened and all the sudden that guy yelled "what the fuck does that have to do with leftover tacos?" and then the police showed up but by then we were laughing next door behind that gate with the sign that told us that we couldn't go on the ride unless we were this tall and those girls who were wearing those outfits burst out laughing over that one band that sang that song about that one restaurant with the name that reminded us all of something from a night not long ago and yet still it seems that so much time has passed since the blind guy told us the secret behind the meaning of that thing that we saw the day that everything changed.

so what time am i meeting you guys this weekend?

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