Friday, November 29, 2002

ok, i fucked up the whole tgiving holiday by oversleeping and missing my 6am flight outta here last friday, which completely screwed up my entire flight pattern and the only flight left was one that had me getting in sunday evening and leaving...well, this morning at the crack o' dawn. but i survived but unfortunately i wasn't at my parent's house long enough to call anyway because of aimee's wedding. whew. but i'm back now and trying to figure out my plan for i even bother staying through new years because, shit, like there's ever anything to do in dc on new years. fucking republicans. ok, ok...there's NEVER anything to do in dc on new years whether or not the republicans are in the white house...but, hey, i'm sure that the republicans have something to do with the suckiness of the city, right? so let's blame them!

last new years, i was in seattle as you know dressed as the comic book character death from the sandman series for that lame heaven and hell ball...the one that we walked back from and my feet were bleeding by the time we got back from those crappy shoes that i'd bought that day? anyway, despite would be nice to have something to do this year...i just don't know if i feel up for anything. any fun suggestions anyone? i have a frequent flier ticket to burn (continental us only though...).

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