Wednesday, March 26, 2003

i saw the movie the hours last night and i've been thinking about marvin most of the afternoon and evening...the lull...the reverie that listening to glass always puts me it brings me back...weeping and trying not to weep during those final concerts...the anxiety building, where to go, which way to go...driving around and around and around...i can see him now. that day, years and years later...i'm waiting, waiting in front of a building that had never meant and would never mean anything to us, to him and to me together.

but i'll wonder forever.

my friend that i will never see as friend who i will always see young, laughing...because we never did meet again...on that day, in front of that building...that building that would never mean anything to us...but will forever be the place where you never aged for me, where you were healthy...where we are still driving around and around and around, wondering where to go, which way to go...young and giddy with all the love and all the hope and all the world that lay before us.

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