Tuesday, September 16, 2003

mid-september and it looks like the weather may soon start to drop down to fall temperatures and i miss how comforting and crisp and exciting the fall was when i lived in virginia, brilliantly colored leaves and the smell of apple cider and hot chocolate that we'd go get at the 7-eleven after band practice, all stuffed in my car...that terrible maroon car that would stall out at most of the lights on route one where the only way to restart it was to slam the back left door and the trunk at the same time and, no, i cannot recall how we discovered that combo or if it really was legit fix or just some voodoo magic that we all believed in so that my car would make it across the highway to where shaconna lived...but in all my years in the midwest, i've never again been able to find the beautiful harvest and i think that it must be somewhere out here...and i think that maybe i should take a drive in early october and try to find it...that's what i want for my birthday...to see the fall again.

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