Thursday, September 11, 2003

so for some reason i decided to get up from my desk and wander up sixth street where i learned that all the local businesses are supporting software theft by no longer offering software for sale but none of that really matters right now because i'm back at my desk, where i'm burning up from fever and i just ran into cece at depresso where the two of us had an incoherent conversation, the kind that only sick people can have and it doesn't seem insane and some guy is listening in to our conversation and decides that it's cool to comment on my last statement about "well, the server at work crashed and i have to redo the last few weeks of work but i don't really care because it's not my work and they won't let me work from home so what do i care what i do to fill up the time" and so the guy turns to me and said "yeah, but it's somebody's work that was lost, don't you care" and i'm, like, thanks for your feedback, go away now.

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