Thursday, January 23, 2003

you know what's kind of funny? ok, it's a LOT funny. for some reason my cable modem company is blocking the microsoft site. but luckily the msn "sorry we can't find your site" search page pops up on my internet explorer and asks me if i was looking for microsoft (again, blocked) or mmicrosoft. now why the hell does it even offer me mmicrosoft as an option? i know, i's a 'bot and not a static web page...but still. you think that bill would make sure that something like that wouldn't happen.

in other news, my play has been deemed *too controversial.* lord. it's not yet clear, however, if *too controversial* means "uh...we've got a problem..." but as the magic 8 ball suggests...all signs point to "yes." hehe. i've always wanted to be *too controversial.*

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