Tuesday, July 15, 2003

alright. this is the first time...well, the second time really...the first time i only had a few minutes to check my email...ANYWAY...this is my first time blogging in the u.k. or, really, outside the u.s.

whee. ok c-u-ers, it is HOT AS SHIT here. i mean it...ok, so it's about 95-98-9895ish degrees but as you know, i like to stay in the a.c. all summer long and that is not quite possible here. even the tate gallery today was far less than air conditioned.

hmm...i'm feeling a lot less than inspired at the moment because...it's that time o' the month. nice, right? so i'm keeping this short for now. but, but, but...i punted for the first time yesterday...by that i mean i was the PUNTER or whatever the person that has to stand in the boat and steer with the big ass stick. (note: that is big-ass not ass-stick...although i suppose it is possible that it could become an ass-stick but that kind of discussion is just not appropriate here...lmf...you know who you are.)

so london is super expensive but so far i'm having a lot of fun!

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