Tuesday, December 09, 2003

cool. almost time for my nyquil nightcap. at times like these, i've come to appreciate the complete deadening of my taste buds thanks to this fucking flu. it's been one of those days where i've been barely able to stay awake all day and every once and a while i sit straight up, panicked and disoriented, and i have no friggin' clue what day it is. i mean my fingertips even hurt...that's ridiculous. conversation sample from tonight's phone call from my dad:me: dad, i'm dying from the flu.
dad: you don't have the flu...
me: no really i have the flu.
dad: the flu is just a big conspiracy. there's no such thing as the flu.
me: ok talk to you later.
p.s. dc people: i'll be in town from dec 19 - dec 29.

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