Monday, December 15, 2003

ok...i'm semi back now. only i have pneumonia. nice flu follow up. so i've been sleeping lots, dreading xmas, messing around with pinhole cameras, sleeping, experiencing psychotic delusions, forgetting things, sleeping. so basically i have nothing much to report other than to advise you against getting this year's flu -- best to stick with last year's, best to stick with the classics.

ok, so a long time ago i ran my name on googlism and got some fun answers, including the knowledge that i'm offered in several formats. well, i was seeing what everyone in my blog/lj circle has been up to since i fell off the face of the earth last week and citizen kafka had a post about fun things to do with google and so after browsing around a bit at his other suggested google adventures, i headed to googlism again. this time i ran just my last name...damn it's good to share a weird-ass last name with a televangelist. check out some of my favs:
  • hinn is a false prophet
  • hinn is raking it in (right...)
  • hinn is a typical tv evangelist
  • hinn is evidence that there is no god
  • hinn is an american neo
  • hinn is claiming a physical appearance
  • hinn is either truly crazy or downright evil
  • hinn is a spiritual superstar
  • hinn is the poster child for horrendous theology
  • hinn is a circus freak
of course then there are these: "hinn is not as easy as you might think" and "hinn is concentrating on young teenagers now"...

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