Monday, December 15, 2003

haha...ok, i'm not done with googlism quite yet. this may be better than any career counseling are some things that i could be:
  • michelle is featured on mtv's "house of style"
  • michelle is a highly underrated comic actress
  • michelle is a writer
  • michelle is now a member of the research staff at xerox parc
  • michelle is really helping us modernize the bond films
  • michelle is already a legend
  • michelle is a codehead
  • michelle is a real estate agent that is known in the community of york for their dedicated client service
  • michelle is devoted to the issues of protecting our country
  • michelle is a very outgoing girl and she loves meeting and playing with other children
  • michelle is the winner of more gold medals than any other female figure skater in the usa and in the world
  • michelle is sustaining electrical engineering designs for the international space station
  • michelle is busy orchestrating eye screenings in illinois and teaching dance to her students at the academy of dance arts
  • michelle is a loving mother and beautiful wife
  • michelle is the managing editor of the australian astronomy research journal
  • michelle is well known for her role in the bbc tv series eastenders
  • michelle is in fact a welsh sheep farmer who drives a lorry
  • michelle is the winner of seven world championship titles
  • michelle is involved with numerous community volunteer efforts
  • michelle is the regional account manager responsible for sales in scotland
  • michelle is a graphic artist who likes bands like scratch acid
  • michelle is an entrepreneur who has created and operated several successful business ventures
  • michelle is a gifted communicator who has the ability to entertain young people as she ministers through song
  • michelle is gaining strength and becoming more dangerous

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