Monday, October 13, 2003

latest searches that found this page:
  • what the hell was i thinking blogspot
  • no cd crack heaven & hell
  • all your base are belong to us champaign illinois
  • heaven and hell on tuesday night
  • 24 hour pharmacy virginia walgreens
i'm not sure why i advertise these searches but, hey, i think it's kinda funny and who the fuck cares if you don't.

anyway i miss you but i think it's more that i just missing having love in my life again even if just for a short while, even if you didn't think of it as that...because i have nothing in particular that i want to say to you and there's nothing in particular that i miss right now...i especially don't miss how those last few weeks you made me feel less than you, less important than everything, anything else in your life, less important than getting your cable switched on...and maybe i'm being harsh, maybe i'm being mean, maybe i'm being angry right now...but maybe..."baby," "dear," "sweetheart"...i am angry...i am fucking pissed off at you...

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