Wednesday, February 12, 2003

oh my god. i'm in big crazy trouble right now. so i ordered this new camera and some lenses from austria, by way of russia. anyway, us customs is FREAKING OUT because at some ups dispatch center in louisville, kentucky they've decided that this is dangerous machinery and there's threats of imploding the package, etc. ugh...i just hope i don't have to pay a hefty fine because that would really suck. i have to call them in the morning to get this straightened out. terrorism paranoia i guess. all i know is that on the ups tracking website, it says that my package has been seized by customs and then i received a whole series of answering machine messages on my machine when i got home from rehearsal tonight.

you know...while i like doing photography, it's really making me crazy. i mean every friggin' time i go on an airplane guess who gets the super duper deluxe treatment? and, yes, i understand...but i'm just's just hard to stay all chipper and patient as people are smearing the lenses with all kinds of clothes to check for explosive materials all while ransacking my luggage for more stuff. the most hilarious part was the last time i was on a plane and they dumped out my entire suitcase (this is a regional airport...we don't have those ultra fancy xray super scanners like at those big city slickers airports). you know...people have made fun of me for my less-than-precise packing skills. but i felt pretty justified because in the end, everyone's ransacked luggage looked the same...just like mine has always looked. :)

haha. flashback memory to aect chicago from years ago when sherry packed about 90 pounds of books in a garment bag and the guy at the roanoke airport just about died when that came off the luggage rack. ok...only barb will remember that one.

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