Tuesday, May 29, 2001

wonder why salmon is part of the word salmonella...just had salmon for dinner, by the way. not that i think that i have salmonella. i just feel like complete crap. but i felt like that all day. for some reason i just now came up with the funny salmon/salmonella connection. it's actually not that funny. it's actually not funny at all. ok, ignore me.

well, today was odd to say the least. we started out the day with a power outage. all of redmond had a brief outage. however, at our buildings we had a 2 hour outage. that's because no one at the company knew that we were still having a power outage. so a lot of people went home for the day. then 20 minutes later the power came back on. i was in a meeting so naturally when the power came back on, i was stuck at work.

damn this is a boring ass entry! let me try again in a few...

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