Wednesday, May 09, 2001

somewhere in wtc (white trash city), west virginia...cross lanes...middle cross...cluster fuck...i don't know...i can't remember. somewhere just outside of charleston. maybe about 6 hours from home but i am wiped out so here i am at a comfort inn on a public access terminal in the lobby. so i can't say much but i wanted to check in at least. i forgot the scooper for the cat's litter so i went to the only store here, walmart, which as you know i hate. anyway, there was a hilarious episode involving the search for such an item that culminated in one of the salespeople yelling four aisles over "i've got your pooper scooper!" well, at least she was a stand up girl and i was able to get the hell out of there without getting shot by all the NRA members in the store. eeeeekkk...get me outta here!

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