Tuesday, May 29, 2001

ok, so my game play from friday wasn't totally forgotten. i had several meetings today (one-on-one, thank god) where it was mentioned. sorry...i just don't play that many first person shooters! get over it already! other issues that seem like they will never be forgotten include my first usability session where my participant felt like discussing pornography at great length during my intro script.

remember the day after? it's on the sci-fi channel now. remember all that controversy when it came on tv in 1983? did your parents let you watch it? mine didn't! amazon even has the nightline episode that aired later that night after the movie. what the hell happened to all those movies and mini-series that were the talk of the town? remember v? how about v: the final battle? god...i remember that stupid skit in 8th grade french class where shaconna and i made up some crap about v...what happened to that? how come we never did do the skit? now that i think about it...wasn't that around the time that our teacher got mysteriously "ill" and took a 2 month vacation, leaving us with that sub from hell who showed us all those movies about that illness in haiti?

but i digress. the guys had it right...i think that the power outage was the company's excuse to force us into the hallway where we had to talk with one another rather than shout at each other over the din of the game du jour.

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