Thursday, May 10, 2001

it's actually an hour later...east coast time, you know. got home to virginia around 4:30pm. driving through west virginia...remembering more than a few pointless road trips back in undergrad, exclusively comprised of driving aimlessly around that state...sometimes alone...sometimes with other like minded friends just looking to get the hell away from the scene even for only a few hours.

coming home always brings about mixed feelings. the great migration, of course, came about years ago. fallout from growing up off of a military base. but now it seems that the neighborhood has changed much more than a little...reminds me a bit of all that death from all of that cancer years ago.

my parents and i went to the neighborhood bar and grill, the mount vernon inn. am being drowned in colonial shit, as per usual. do you ever feel that home is nothing that you recognize? i lived here for 18 years and yet it seems so hard to remember so much. i was telling my mom earlier that i can't remember my graduation from high school, although i certainly remember other points of high school. why have i blocked it so much? my theory? that i really couldn't give a shit about it. and that's probably not far from the truth.

so as you can probably tell, i am very, very exhausted right now. i am sitting on a ton of email but forgive me if i don't answer right away. i am reading the email...i'm just too tired to reply. besides...i'm sitting here at my parent's kitchen table, with baseball on the tv...which i hate.

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