Tuesday, May 15, 2001

well, i tried to adjust the time zone on this to pacific but you can't just change it to reflect "this point forward" but rather it converts ALL of your posts, including those from weeks ago when i was still in central time. oh well. so, yes, lucia...my blog will be remaining in central time it seems, making people wonder if i really was up at those hours or not, which really wouldn't make most people that i know think twice about it.

so anyway...it is just around 10:30 as i am writing this. getting ready for bed since it will be an early morning and undoubtedly a long day. i hope that i get my health club membership tomorrow at NEO (new employees orientation). i'm planning to go every day. no time for a jog tomorrow morning though. i think that i overdid it a bit today...4.16 miles...largely uphill. ouch.

sleepless called during roswell, which made me really, really miss my tivo. it's just so nice to be able to pause live tv because undoubtedly if you have been looking forward to a show someone WILL call during the last few minutes of it. and they will not pick up the on the clues that you are trying to give them about how they should really call you back in a few.

oh -- congrats, steve, on graduating!

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