Sunday, May 13, 2001

woke up around 8:30am...guess it's the time change getting to me...i just couldn't sleep any longer. am drinking some of the free coffee that they put in the welcome basket for me. planning on taking a bit of a jog in a bit to check out the local area. still raining. not sure that's supposed to change anytime soon though! the pacific northwest kind of reminds me of england a bit...something about the damp, cool air is bringing me back to that summer over a decade ago where, unlike the summer spent there six years ago, we wondered if we would ever feel warm or dry again. and that, of course, led the three of us to go to greece despite what everyone else said about saving that for a honeymoon spot instead. and how years later, rod and i would run into each other after the memorial service, awestruck by the implication of what we had all done that summer when we chose to follow our own for one of us there wouldn't be another chance to realize a dream, comforted by the fact that it had indeed been realized...forever changed by harsh reality...forever changed by a creature much more complex, much more burdened than anyone would have ever believed.

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