Sunday, May 13, 2001

blogger's been having a few technical difficulties so i am just now able to update my web log! anyway...

i'm in redmond now! my suitcases were sooooo heavy! then there was the matter of all those boxes. but everything's in my apartment now. i'll take some pictures tomorrow and post them for you guys after i get everything unpacked. i have THE ugliest car EVER. not exactly my style. it supposed to be *red* but it's more like *rust* and it's some oldsmobile midrange. alero or something. puke. at least it has a cd player though.

kind of weird being here...i have my comfortor (yes...i shipped it...) because i thought that it would make me feel a bit more at home if i had it. but what makes me feel even more at home? that's right...they have 7-eleven's out here!! apparently the one down the street on 148th? it's THE busiest 7-eleven in the world. why? it's on the edge of microsoft and is right in front of nintendo...go figure! champaign-urbana will never be a true geek town without a source of big gulps and slurpees.

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