Sunday, May 27, 2001

and one final thing before i sign off for the evening (i am currently about to zonk out watching a rerun of SNL)...i completely forgot to bring my copy of the denzin and lincoln handbook. so i checked the holdings of the microsoft library. well, they didn't have it but they had a link to email them if you couldn't find what you needed. so i heard back from them right away and they confirmed that they didn't have it but that they would forward it to the head librarian to see if it is something that they should purchase. figuring that i would never hear anything more about that, i started trying to figure out who out here might have a copy of it. a day later i get an email from the receptionist in our building saying that i had a delivery from the microsoft library. guess what? it was a brand spanking new copy of the book ordered especially for me. damn!

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