Monday, May 28, 2001

saw the worst accident on 148th earlier...although i guess you could say that it was pretty good as far as worst accidents go in the fact that the driver survived. the driver of a truck filled with firewood drove right into a utility pole. let's just say that it looked really, really bad. the wood in the truck bed flew through the back window and right through the front window. somehow the driver was ok and was on the side of the road, crying. his family had arrived on the scene and they were all on their knees, crying...and praying i imagine.

thoughts of amy who died that october after that summer nine years ago. remembering that summer when i started work at the emporium, the clinic where i saw dennis and leigh, and the woove. remembering how similar the start seems to be with this one. and remembering how everything ended up being ok. sort of. knowing for the first time that this next year really will be the last one and then i will finish. and how that doesn't quite seems as scary as before.

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