Sunday, May 13, 2001

cece will be happy to hear that the local stores have that vitamin water so now i believe her that it does indeed exist. i went on a super shop (as jesse calls it) and bought a ton of groceries. i forgot how nice it was to be in an actual city area where you can get items other than the plain old crap that we have in champaign. i went to both safeway and a fresh fields-like store called qfc. i got all kinds of interesting things including some seattle cookies and some interesting juices from, yes, south africa that i couldn't resist because they were in those same juice containers that they have in england. oh -- and i tried to tip the qfc worker who helped me out with my groceries and they wouldn't accept...this is definitely not the east coast.

oh...and i just subscribed to the seattle times. while on my jog this morning i thought that it would be a good idea to, as jesse said, get "clean and sober" from the grad school dependency...maybe actually live a bit of a life while out here. so i am trying to embrace all that is seattle...and the surrounding areas!

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