Sunday, May 06, 2001

because i am a huge geek and of course have nothing else to i am posting something else after 1am on a saturday night...well, sunday morning.

watched the thirteenth floor earlier and it wasn't too bad. some friends of mine in the vr world had really trashed it but it wasn't all that bad. but i think that they were mad at the fact that it was yet another movie that made vr look much, much, much more "realistic" than it actually least by today's standards. no wonder they had so many supercomputers in that room...the sheer computational power needed to produce real time graphics with that fidelity...staggering. i did appreciate the "end of the world" portrayal with the non-rendered scene. nice touch...although it kind of reminded me of the simpsons episode that they reused in cyberworld 3d...

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