Wednesday, May 02, 2001

i'm a little scared. i called this company called "america on the move" (no link...hmm...) to see about claire's boxes that have been taking up more than too much room in my kitchen for a little more than too much time. anyway, it was like some weird mafia production talking to them. actually, more like some kind of bush league mafia. but anyway, they didn't exactly inspire a whole lot of confidence that these boxes would actually get out to new zealand. the price was right. but you know how sometimes you get what you pay for? exactly.

anyway, jesse's no longer mad at me -- or more specifically, we agreed that there is a possibility that we were both mad at each other and so it's a draw. and steve? you were right. that salad did have WAY too much garlic. i know that some people (harlan) say that you can never have too much garlic in a recipe. well let me tell you...the salad that steve and i ate? whoa. and why exactly was garlic in the salad??? i guess that they were wrong...sure, we *are* pale...but they got the vampire part wrong. oh what will i do without my research buddies for the summer? i know what you are thinking...what research??

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