Sunday, May 06, 2001

god...i totally forgot about the dinner party at my advisor's house tonight. wow, i must look like a terrible mess...but i guess that i don't care. i'm really not in the mood to go and i just got off the phone with my dad who, for some reason, was in a completely foul mood, which is something else that i really didn't need to deal with. i think that this whole redmond thing really has him pissed off, although he won't say what's on his mind. i think that he finds my research area to be a bit embarrassing. after all, i didn't go into the career that he was always pushing me to go in, right?

my heart really hurts. how am i supposed to go to this dinner party? luckily steve, who is also in a non-social mood, said that he'd go with me as a buffer. we've already come up with our that at any point in time one of us could just say "oh, we have to run to that thing that we are late for" and leave the scene of the crime. i have a feeling that we won't be there long before i say just that.

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