Sunday, May 27, 2001

i just got back from the pro club where i did the patented *mission of fitness* workout, sans the founding (and only other) member who is proposing to his girlfriend in cincy this weekend. when i finally woke up this morning, my throat was killing me...which really, really makes me nervous given the oddballness (is that a word?) of my officemate's mono. i'm trying to ignore it, thinking that it's probably just my mind going into overdrive.

the interesting thing is that last night i had *the dream* again. this time the scenario was a mini-version of that movie, my best friend's wedding. the really freaky thing? ok, besides the whole dream cycle itself. the really freaky thing had to do with where the famous tagline ended up -- in the middle of the dream!! so, i find out that an ex-boyfriend (does anyone use that term *lover* anymore? i mean besides that stupid virginia is for lovers -- which is 31 years old -- slogan?) is marrying someone ten years younger and i'm going through all that ridiculous stuff that julia roberts goes through during the movie and then some. then, yes, the *nameless, faceless person* comes on the scene and says the tagline...only this time the dream doesn't end. just like in the movie, the wedding goes through and i end up dancing with the nameless, faceless person...only the nameless, faceless person isn't gay like in the movie. but i don't know who he is...and the dream ends with my trying to figure that out. but i have the feeling that i do know who he is, only i don't know if he's a friend, an ex-boyfriend, or just an acquaintance.

so what did i end? i'm not really sure. maybe it was the pattern? maybe i did indeed forgive the great trespass?

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