Monday, May 28, 2001

ok, there's something extremely weird about this gang of 5 year olds that run around this neighborhood. i was driving back from the grocery, and they were frantically trying to get me to stop my car. so i stop, roll down the window...and they are holding all kinds of oddball things in the air, telling me that they are trying to sell stuff to earn money for "poor people." i wonder if these kids have parents. i mean, maybe they really were trying to raise some cash...but it seemed a bit fishy to me, especially when the girl who seems to be the leader of the pack told me "whatever, that's what they all say" when i told her that i didn't have any money on me because i just got back from the grocery. hello? i did just get back from the grocery! the very fancy toy cash register that they had with them added to the oddity of it all. i guess i'll never know if they found "across the street" but i know that they have mastered "middle of the street" without too much of a problem.

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