Sunday, May 27, 2001

oh yeah -- i was at the pro club earlier today and i signed up for a monday/wednesday/friday yoga class for june. i've been wanting to take a yoga class for something like forever so now i am. the funny thing was when i signed up and the girl at the counter said "oh let me know how that class is." hello? there are like 180 people that work there...and this time it's not one of my patented exaggerations. there are seriously 180 people that work there. they call themselves cast members like they do at the disney company (no affiliation though).

anyway, she pulled up my record and said "oh, you work at microsoft! it's been my lifelong dream to work at microsoft." and this gets me to one of the most bizarre things about this seems that it's EVERYONE'S lifelong dream out here to work at microsoft. for some reason you'd think that they wouldn't, that it would be like wanting to work at AOL if you are from the DC area. no one from home wants to work at AOL, the evil empire of the metro area (besides the military and the government). but out here, everyone wants to work at microsoft. i guess that it can't be that evil an empire, can it?

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