Friday, June 08, 2001's come to my attention that i should do a bit of editing on this thing and do a better job to disguise a few things here and there...such as where i work, what i do, and other identifying features that could get me into a load of trouble. unfortunately, the search engines have finally picked up on this and it's been cached so it's a bit too late to do some major revocation but regardless i will have to do some editing this weekend. yeah, i don't nearly put everything that's going on in this thing...not even close. but i have been putting enough here that it could cause some problems and so i have had to reconsider my approach. and, no, this hasn't been prompted by any incident...just some gentle suggestions by a few friends. i'm not sure how much i'll go back and actually edit though. probably not enough for me to get a new job at the ministry of truth but enough.


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