Monday, June 25, 2001

ok, i'm still trying to catch up on my email.

big weekend. last night i went with a few people to the i-spy where six parts seven, poor rich ones, and carissa's wierd were playing. so we were all out WAY too late but at least the 520 bridge wasn't backed up on the way back to the eastside. today, however, was a much different story. the westside was totally jammed due to the pride parade and i had to circle for a half hour before finding parking so that i could meet up with a friend and head down to the market. so after wandering around the market and checking out the aquarium (don't bother), we saw anniversary party. wow...that's a MUST see and i am not kidding. go SEE it. NOW.

and if you haven't yet realized the brilliance of ok computer, give it a whirl in your cd player. great, great stuff. sure, it's been out for a few years but i listened to it again the other day and remembered how truely great it was.

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