Tuesday, June 19, 2001

ever wonder what happens to old loves? i mean the ones that ended years and years ago in the most painful ways. there's that excruciating period of time after you first break up when you see them all the time or your friends report back news to you. and part of you hopes that at least one single day will pass when someone doesn't mention them or that something doesn't remind you of them. and part of you just refuses to let go and keeps some glimmer of hope alive that maybe they will change their minds if only your heart remains true to them. you replay and replay and replay the end, thinking that maybe you could have done something different, said something different...been someone different. then you move backwards in the relationship...remembering the time before the end, remembering the time before the hatred. you keep moving backwards...remembering, reliving...forgetting. and then you realize that you have been moving forward despite all your best efforts. and you no longer hope to rejoin the path not taken and instead hope to find a path not yet discovered.

you have to end it...

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