Saturday, June 23, 2001

ok, three things for tonight...

first, you have all heard all your base are belong to us ad nauseum by now (right??? please don't tell me that you have no idea what i am talking about). so anyway, i was thinking earlier -- i mean really, really thinking about this -- that the line that i like the best is "you have no chance to survive make your time." it's much more cool.

second, have you seen those new "got chocolate milk" ads? brilliant. i love those bad ass little kids making chocolate milk. sure, i'll be ranting about how sick i am of the ads in no time. but for right now they get two thumbs up. in a related note, we drink a TON of chocolate milk at work.

finally, i was watching one of those half hour stand up comedy routines on comedy central earlier this evening and there was a mention of friday night videos. remember that show?? apparently it went off the air in 1991 (at least in it's original format) but i had stopped watching it right before i left for undergrad (when i finally had cable for the first time!!). that show was kick ass. and yeah, what the fuck was up with the name FRIDAY night videos? the damn show came on in the wee hours of saturday morning.

ok, more thing...while i am remembering the "no cable" years, any washingtonians remember super tv (early 80s...a.k.a. the betamax years)?? the same signal is now the WB channel from baltimore. so anyway, i'm looking for a link to some nostalgic recollections about the station and i run into this link. what the hell is that? channel listings from 1994 and back? people put anything on the web...even blogs like this. ;)

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