Sunday, June 17, 2001

well, i finally caught a few films at the end of the seattle film festival. i saw the irish film disco pigs and the thai film tears of the black tiger. of the two, disco pigs was my favorite. it was interesting listening to the director, why she took on this project (which was a popular play) and what the film meant to her. she said that a lot of her interest in the film was that it centered around the issue of how girls often have no choice in their destiny and how the female lead has the chance to make choices...not knowing what choices to make but at least she finally has the change to choose. at first i was like "what?" but then thinking back on the film, yeah, i can see what she means. hopefully you can all see it at some point. it was really quite powerful and the music was amazingly haunting.

as for tears of the black was interesting. miramax has picked it up and has a load of changes to make in it. and that's probably was a bit too long and they should have left some things out to add to the element of surprise. very interesting art direction was like a black and white film that had been oversaturated in color in very unusual ways. the film on a whole had an "old western meets thailand" theme. whatever that means!!

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