Saturday, June 09, 2001

i haven't decided exactly what to change about this or how to go about it so it's staying as is for the moment.

just got back from seattle (if you are wondering what that means...i live in redmond, which on the other side of lake washington). it's only about 15-20 minutes to downtown though, provided that there's not a lot of crazy traffic on the 520 bridge. like tonight. on the way home at 2am, i got stuck on the bridge for 45 minutes and it took me an hour to get home. frickin' annoying.

seattle's a strange city. there are just a ton of homeless and the number of teenage runaways is extremely high. i wonder how seattle got to this point. i hear portland is a lot of the same. i thought that it would be a good idea to go out a blow off a bit of steam after the stress of the day but i think that it only ended up making me feel a bit lonely. i miss everyone. i'm constantly wondering what you would think of the place.

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