Tuesday, June 05, 2001

i was laughing earlier tonight because my study participant just didn't want to leave. and i was remembering jesse's story about how people do exchange pleasantries in nyc but that they don't really expect you to continue the conversation past that. so there i was telling the guy "have a nice evening." and then the guy would say some more. so i would say more forcefully "have a NICE evening." and then the guy would say some more again. so there i was at the door practically shouting "i said 'HAVE A NICE EVENING!' what the fuck don't you understand about that?"

all i know is that i hope that we do get some people together to go see a band or so this weekend and/or hang out at the cha cha lounge in capitol hill. and remember: just because one guy is wearing a dirty white bodysuit with 6 foot long claws for nails, doesn't mean that reflects all of america. btw, check out one of my new favorite sites: seattle stories -- are we characters in seattle's story or is seattle a character in ours? it's part of the city stories network. so...am i fleeing something or looking for something?

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