Monday, June 11, 2001

here's a tip for all you east coasters transplanted to the pacific northwest: when you see a pizza place advertising new york style pizza in the greater seattle area, run far away. the same, i imagine, would apply to chicago-style pizza but you know that i don't eat that "rock in the stomach for 2 days/heart attack on a plate" stuff so what do i know?

i ran across an old favorite web site...the thumbs up around the world project. this was around the time that i was trying to get my web page at tech listed in useless web pages.

have you been watching all the mcveigh stuff today? just a few more hours now. it was interesting hearing the pre-execution interviews with the victim's families...all the reasons for being for and against the execution. i've said it before, but i truely think that we can believe what we want about the big moral issues like the death penalty, abortion, right to die...but we will never really know what our real stance is until we are faced with the awful reality of such issues. the families of the bombing victims and the family of mcveigh know.

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