Wednesday, June 06, 2001

well, it's always interesting when you get situated and start figuring out where the alliances are. wait...what the fuck am i talking about? is work like survivor? well, maybe. but i hope that no one's getting kicked off the island. anyway, what i meant was it's always interesting when you figure out who you are the most comfortable with at work, who you click with.

but anyway, a certain very argumentative person in my life right now has been becoming more and more annoying by the minute. take tonight's phone conversation. i was getting ready to call back my brother when the phone rings. guess who? yeah, it was sleepless. for some reason he has to frickin' talk to me. not knowing hat the hell to say to him, i mention a lunch time conversation that took place today where this one guy caught me saying that i didn't like team games like soccer. well, i'm on his team for UT. so he says "that's IT -- you don't play ANY team games...that explains it!" so after telling sleepless this, he says "yeah, but you played in bands and such where you competed as a sort of team." so i said, yeah but that was different, that's a TURN-based game. so he says that i just committed a beer foul for talking about work outside of work. well, what the fuck? i am out here to get immersed in this whole world, right? so i referred to music competitions as turn-based...they are! last time i checked, there weren't a lot of head-to-head marching band X-TREME competitions. although that would be kind of cool, wouldn't it? the closest that i think i've seen is that scene in xanadu where the swing band and the *rock* band converge. damn. where the hell did that reference come from?

keep me suspended in time with you...

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