Thursday, May 04, 2006

Voodoo fun

if you look carefully you can see the pin head (gold ball) on the left side of the scarf...this is to recognize how ridiculous some people are and to say "hell yeah!!!!!!!! i don't want to deal with you again you ridiculous lady!"

and i don't have to. yeah...the original purpose of the doll that mo and kasey made for me at the children's museum in san jose was to stick pins in it when men said offensive things to me during events such as GDC...but hell, i think this lady needs a pin...and she needed a scarf to differentiate her from bum guys.


Mo said...

thats right.
now stick some pins in it :)

Richard said...

Ok, so now I know what's coming to me when I am going to say something ugh... you know... to you.. so I won't ... not just, ... because of the doll, of course, but just because I don't want to ... :)

I don't like needles... how are you?



VRGirl said...

needles rock. they don't. it actually took me until the past year to really get past it...well, as past it as i possibly can. :)

i'm ok...although i have a wicked cold...i'm about to post on rapid cold detox...a theme i've talked about before...