Sunday, May 21, 2006


tonight, nbc will show the first part of their super disaster movie apocalypse: 10.5. ok maybe it's the fact that 10.5 is my birthday that i'm so hooked already to it even if the show itself is a sign of the apocalypse...or maybe it's the fact it reminds me of all the disaster mini-series on tv when i was a teen (only it was usually the former soviet union causing all the disasters...)...who knows?

what a rather useless blog post...

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Mo said...

gah on the history channel they have this show called like mega disasters or something that show you how a tornado could POSSIBLY hit houstin and what would happen... or how a brushfire MIGHT POSSIBLY HAVE THE SLIGHTEST CHANCE of engulfing sydney in flames... that kinda stuff... kinda stupid cuz it was always like:
combine these 17 factors and you will have a MEGA DISASTER!! AHHHHH