Thursday, May 11, 2006

omfg...the grades are in and over and done for both my classes. i thought i was gonna cry when i had to recreate the gradebook from scratch all over this afternoon. apparently there was a "critical error" in certain gradebooks created after some crazy date in the semester (was there a friday the 13th in there?).

grading is always one of those things that i hate. i just hate having to apply a number to people's efforts...but i don't have any other solutions for this world we live in. yeah, maybe i'll get killed for it this time around but come on...that many extra credit points? grades were through the roof for my psych class. i have to admit that i was pretty panicked when i realized "oh shit...when all these justification reports come in to my department, i'm gonna get yelled at." but after i sent the lamest email ever i realized...ok, suck it up and just face the firing squad and don't make the frustration of the past three days of dealing with compass the reason you are about to lame out. what can the department do? FIRE ME? i don't think so! more two hour weekly TA meetings! no more weird assignments! no more tests that are completely crazy! victory to all!

ok, though, seriously...i hope it just goes unnoticed by the department. sort of. because the course (not my section) really does need to be looked at on a whole with regard to, uh, just about everything right about now.

but that's enough of that. we move on...

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