Thursday, May 18, 2006

hint of apple

hint of apple
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i was so tired after the 8am exam that i slept through the really important one about the migraines at 12:30 and it's really getting hard to remain persistent about the whole thing because, well fuck...i'm really wiped out right now! i cannot even describe the pain.

the interesting thing is that when i'm in a migraine state, i'm at my most unblocked, non-avoidant state so wtf. and it makes me wonder, again, about that connection between mania, migraines, and schizophrenia...the psychotic states of being where somehow things seem to make sense...even if they are far from it.

"when a woman suspects any wrong, it sometime happens that if she be already in this matter, she insensibly strives to cover up her suspicions even from herself. and much this way it was with me. i said nothing, and tried to think nothing..." (rephrased from moby dick)

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