Sunday, May 07, 2006

ugh. how many of my posts have started with ugh? no, don't count and i won't's not a good use of time and who really cares?

anyway...i'm on a tear about my rapid cold detox plan i ramble about every time i have the flu or some i do right now. so's the plan. somehow they create some kind of vacuum thing that removes all the crap from your lungs, etc...and, hell, maybe it already exists? i mean i'm sure someone in hospital has picked up a virus and this idea has come up before.

ok, after the vacuum thing, you are put under using something stronger than versed, obviously...kind of like the whole rapid detox idea for drug addition. then when you wake up, the cold is gone and *all* you have to do now is break the psychological addiction you have for colds. i mean come on...who doesn't crave the fevered highs of the flu? the warm, burning sensation in your throat and chest everytime you cough? but then there's the living day-to-day, hour-to-hour looking for how to score the next virus...and then all you become is a virus seeker, not caring who you step on, who you steal from...maybe you'll even sell yourself to get the next viral fix?


Mo said...

hahhahahahh well ive been clean of colds for the entire semester, well see how it goes ;)

Floressence said...

I've found the best thing for a cold detox is to use the herbal detox flor essence which is a great detox tea that should help you rid that cold and keep it from comming back.