Monday, May 01, 2006


yeah, these have been some ultra fun times lately...i went from the surgery into being loopy from the crap i had to take, yes, that time of the month starting on today, may day, international workers day...and i slept most of the day and, you know, it felt pretty damn good. so there you go.

so much to catch up on...exam grading, reports to write, offices to clean...i'm broke and i REALLY need the reimbursement money NOW...the only money i have is my tech money which has to be spent asap or i'll lose it...and i can't friggin' write a check at worst buy...oooh...i just remembered that amazon allows withdrawls from bank accounts. whew. that's what i'll do.

yeah, this is a boring entry but i just wanted to's may. more later.


Mo said...

i have less than $50 to my name. thats the sum of my checking and savings accts. not very much saving going on i can tell ya.
plus, mothers day.
gahhh money sucks when you dont have it.

VRGirl said...

yeah, my money situation is going from bad to worse quickly. it MIGHT be nice if we'd get REIMBURSED!!!!!!!!!