Saturday, March 11, 2006

wow. you know i never watch desperate housewives. i've never watched a single episode. why? who knows. i never watched sex in the city either. same kind of show in my mind. ok ok no, i can't say that for sure since, as i said, i never watched them. they just leave me with the same disinterested feeling in my mind. i also never watched friends and i've never seen an episode of the oc or american idol.

there. there you have it. i'm not the media whore you might think i am. but...all that being said, desperate housewives star teri hatcher's coming forward with her story of sexual abuse has absolutely amazed me. i don't give a shit about what negative crap people have to say about "oh she's attention seeking" or whatnot. christ. people get a grip. that is one fucking brave thing she did. i don't care who she is or is not. to face the truth? to tell the truth for the whole world to hear? that's fucking brave.

'nuf said.

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Mo said...

im such a sucker for sex and the city... i dont know why.. it makes me laugh and be ok being girly sometimes. maybe it reminds me that i am quite possibly an anti-girl, or just that watching it makes me feel feminine... i dont know but its funny :D