Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Ok, just an update/summary of GDC...here are the Game Accessibility SIG award winners for GDC06!

Most Dramatic Arrival: Richard and Sander for their groundbreaking performance in an "oops, the airline has us going to San Jose, COSTA RICA!!!!!" documentary

Most Dramatic Departure: Michelle for her time-bending performance in "somehow ending up in Illinois later than Giannis did in Greece" short film

Most "Braveheart" Moment: "The Right to Fun!" (a.k.a. Thursday afternoon's roundtable) -- screenplay written by Michelle; performance by Sander

Most Likely to Secretly be a Canadian Mounty: Kevin for his cross-border fighting scenes with our neighbors to the north.

Most Likely to Have the Most Embarrassing photo of Michelle: Giannis in "Watch Michelle ineptly tie Jonathan's hands behind his back during the accessibility arcade demo during the tutorial"

Best Argument: Michelle and Richard in "Kill PDF" parts one (Wednesday morning's roundtable) and two (Thursday afternoon's roundtable) where it was fortunate no one took out their plastic swords that some company was giving out at the expo.

Best Legal Secrets: Tom in "Whoa, there's a $10k Tax Credit in the US for Accessibility???"

Most Likely to Need Immediate Legal Counsel: All, the Complete GDC Ensemble Cast

Best Night to "See and be Seen": Thursday evening; Level 99 party, CMU party, Fairmont Lobby

Worst Possible Time for a Social Event for the SIG: Friday, 9am

Best Impromptu Musical Written Right After the Friday, 9am SIG Social Event: "Coffee: A Love Story"

Best Mod Despite what the Judges Thought: Reid for Doom3[cc]

Best Game Despite what the Judges Thought: Eric for Strange Attractors

Best Scholarship Winner: Robert

Best Improv Performance during a Question and Answer Session at an Overpacked Session: (Tie) Michelle for "Experimental Game Design: The Nobel Peace Prize" and Reid for "The Game Studies Download: Top Ten Research Findings"

Most Likely to be in a Future Documentary Film about WiFi in Africa: Goran

Most Brilliant Thing Said in the Last Five Minutes: All; the Complete GDC Ensemble Cast

Scariest Street Chase Scene Aided by an IPod: Sander in "The Return of Running Man"

Best Use of Corn Husks: Mo and Kasey in "The Voodoo Doll Adventures"

Most Stories about Teaching Lectures: Kevin for "Project Symbols: An Exercise in Embarrassing Sleeping Students"

Most Likely to Have Packets of Honey on Hand: Kasey

Most Likely to Consume Packets of Honey: Reid

Most Likely to Confuse Packets of Honey with Mustard: Richard and Sander

Best "Transformers" Imitation: Robert in "Muscle Stretch: The Musical"

Worst Costume Choice: Michelle in "Wow, was this pink scarf that has been choking me all day a mistake or what?"

Most Photogenic while Sleeping in the Lobby of the Saint Claire Hotel: Thomas in "Rip Van Winkle Returns"

Best Panic Attack Scene Caused by Airlines: Michelle in "Oh my God...is anyone going to be in San Jose in time for the Tutorial?"

Best Translation of a Ridiculous Phrase in Greek that Michelle Somehow Knew: Giannis in "Look, a shooting star"

Best Translation of a Non-Existent Dutch Phrase: Richard and Sander in "Slechte Stukje"


This year's Best Picture Award Goes to....[drumroll]...

"Unidentified Woman in an, uh, Interesting Pose Whose Picture was Taped to a Parking Meter with a Windows Mobile Sticker"

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